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As parts of Ontario enter Stage 3 of Re-opening (July 17)

July 17, 2020



To all Ontario Badminton Clubs:

With the recent announcement allowing many regions in Ontario to move into Stage 3 of the Re-opening Plan for Ontario, Badminton Canada and Badminton Ontario would like to advise all affiliated clubs in Ontario on some changes to the Provincial Sport Organization’s (PSO’s) return to sport guidelines.

The changes outlined in A Framework for Reopening the Province – Stage 3 have been made public in O.Reg 364/20, under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and will take effect on July 17, 2020 for many regions in Ontario.  Please note that all club operators must independently identify the regional healthy authority in which they are located to determine whether they are remaining in Stage 2 or moving into Stage 3. All cities have different by-laws that may require different compliance.  Club operators must pay attention to the requirements in their jurisdiction and follow the by-laws in their city.

In addition, facilities under Stage 3 jurisdiction may open if they comply with the following conditions (O.Reg 364/20, Schedule 2, Section 8):

  1. The Government of Ontario  has issued a list of regions in stage 3 on page 6 and a list of regions still in stage 2 on page 7 of the following document
  2. Every person who engages in badminton activities at the club, must maintain a physical distance of at least two meters from every other person at all times during the activity.
  3. The total number of members of the public permitted to be in the club at any one time must be limited to the number that can maintain a physical distance of at least two meters from other persons in the facility, and in any event cannot exceed 50 persons indoors and 100 outdoors.
  4. The total number of spectators (parents) permitted to at the club at any one time must be limited to the number that can maintain a physical distance of at least two meters from every other person in the facility (players included), and in any event cannot exceed 50 persons (total) indoors and 100 (total) outdoors.
    1. Example #1 – indoor training – 40 players + 5 coaches + 5 parents = no issue
    1. Example #2 – indoor training – 40 players + 5 coaches + 20 parents = VIOLATION of stage 3 protocols
  5. Doubles practice and play is allowed within the club. However, all efforts must be made to avoid physical contact between members of the same pair.
  6. Any equipment that is rented to, provided to or provided for the use of players at the club must be cleaned and disinfected between each user.
  7. Club operator must clean and disinfect all badminton equipment
    between each user.

With the advancement into Stage 3 of the Re-opening Plan for Ontario, we continue to advise the following in addition to previous guidelines:

  • Each club operator is responsible to confirm in which Regional Health Authority they operate in order to confirm if they remain in Stage 2 or can move into Stage 3 of the Ontario re-opening plan.  At which time, they should inquire about the operating restrictions and allowances.
  • The only persons permitted to use the facility are athletes who are members of the affiliated club for the 2019-2020 season.

The amendment to the Emergency Order outlines specific regulations that must be followed by every person, facility and organization that chooses to return to sport before their club resumes.  Badminton Ontario also requires that all Club and Facility operators are required to put in place health and safety protocols that comply with the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s recommendations. We encourage you to work with your local public health offices to develop these protocols. These plans and protocols should be submitted to Badminton Ontario for review at

Ultimately, it is up to each club to determine whether they can reopen under the required conditions as set out by the Emergency Order. As Ontario gradually reopens, it is more important than ever to follow public health advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Badminton Canada and Badminton Ontario also reminds all member clubs and registered individuals, that all activities must adhere to the Quarantine Act (Canada), Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (Ontario), as well as any municipal bylaws and facility rules in place related to COVID-19 physical distancing and public or private gatherings.  Failure to abide by these federal, provincial, or municipal requirements may result in legal prosecution by government as well as denial of insurance coverage by Badminton Ontario and possible Badminton Canada and Badminton Ontario disciplinary measures.

Ontario is committed to ensuring our athletes play safe when it is safe to play.

Badminton Canada and Badminton Ontario will continue to provide updates as part of our commitment to a safe return to play and training for all.


Joe Morissette                                                                  Jean Wong
Executive Director                                                           Technical Director
Badminton Canada                                                          Badminton Ontario

Appendix A – List of Affiliated Clubs of Badminton Ontario

4U Badminton
Ali Badminton
Alliston Badminton Club
Aurora Badminton Club
Badminton Birds
Barrhaven Star
Battledore Badminton Academy
Bay of Quinte Jr Badminton Club
Bell Badminton Club
Belleville Badminton Club
Blackburn Badminton Club
Bowmanville Badminton Club
Bracebridge Knight Hawk Junior
Bradford Badminton Club
Brantford Badminton
Bujak Badminton Club
Burlington Badminton Club
Burlington Central Badminton Club
C2 Badminton Club
Can Badminton Academy
Canada Elite Badminton & Sports
Capital Badminton Club
Carlingwood Badminton Club
Centre Hastings Badminton Club
Chen’s Badminton Club
Club de Badminton L’Escale
Club de Badminton Orléans
Cobourg Badminton Club
Commander Badminton Club
Community Sr. League
Deep River Badminton Club
Durham Badminton Club
E-Badminton Training Centre
Elliot Lake Mixed Badminton Club
Elson Badminton Club
Epic Sports
Erindale Jr. Badminton Club
Etobicoke Jr. Badminton Club
Everyday Badminton Club
Fallingbrook Badminton Club
Fernando’s Youth Badminton Academy
Fuel Badminton Club
George Brown College Community Badminton
Granite Club
Halton Badminton Club
Harwood Badminton Club
High Tech Badminton Club
Holy Trinity Badminton Club
Humber College Badminton Team
Huntsville Badminton Club
IPlay Badminton
Kanata Badminton Club
KC Badminton Club
Kingston CVI
KTP Racquet Club
K-W Badminton Club
Leaside Badminton Club
Leaside Daytime Badminton Club
Lee’s Badminton Training Centre
Limestone Badminton Club
Lions Badminton Training Center
LJB Badminton Club
Machi Club
Mandarin Badminton
Manotick Badminton Club
Maple City Badminton Club
Melati Mas Sports
Mississauga International Badminton Club
Newmarket Junior Club
North Bay Badminton Club
Nouvelle Alliance
Ontario Badminton Academy
Orangeville Badminton Club
Orillia Badminton Club
Oshawa Badminton Club
Paragon Badminton Academy
Peel Badminton Club
Peterborough Adult Badminton Club
Peterborough Jr. Badminton Club
Port Hope Jr. Badminton Club
Progress Badminton Club
RA Badminton Club
Ridgebacks Badminton Club
Riverside South Badminton Club
Royal City Badminton Club
Russell Badminton Club
RW Badminton Club
Soong Badminton Academy
Su Badminton Club
Sudbury & District Jr Badminton Club
Sunrise Badminton Club
Suria Badminton
Swallow Badminton Club
Tan Badminton Club
The B & R Club
The Boulevard Club
The Oakville Club
The Ridges Badminton Club
Thunder Bay Badminton
Toronto Gay Badminton League
Toronto Smashers Badminton Club
West Carleton Badminton Club
Westboro Badminton Club
Whitby Jr Badminton Club
Whitby Sat. Morning Badminton Club
White Oaks Badminton Club
Windsor Badminton Club
Woodstock Badminton Club

** End of Document


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