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Board of Directors & Committees

As a not-for-profit organization, Badminton Ontario is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. There are also many working committees and advisory committees that assist and provide expert guidance on all matters related to badminton, sport development, and the organization’s long-term success. We’re always looking for volunteer committee members to assist. Please contact if you are interested in learning more about the Board or our committees.

Board of Directors 2023-2024



Ian Assing

Jeff Goldsworthy


Jeffrey Sum

Ian Assing

Kristina Hall

Gary Milakovic

Rahul Tamraker

Michael Li


(Past President)


(Director of Finance & Administration)

(Director of High Performance)

(Director of Coaching)

(Director at Large)

(Director at Large)

(Director at Large)

Board Roles & Responsibilities

The President – responsible for the general supervision of the affairs and operations of the Association, will preside at the Annual and General Meetings of the Association and at meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee, will be the official spokesman of the Association, oversee and supervise office staff and will perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board.

The Vice-President – assists the President in the performance of duties and will be vested with all the powers and will perform, all the duties of the President in the absence or inability or refusal to act of the President. The Vice-President will be responsible for ensuring close liaison between the Association and all levels of government and will perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board.

The Director of Finance and Administration – keeps proper accounting records as required by the Act; will cause to be deposited all monies received by the Association in the Association’s bank account; will supervise the management and the disbursement of funds of the Association; when required will provide the Board with an account of financial transactions and the financial position of the Association; will prepare annual budgets; and will perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board. Must have accounting designation (CA, CMA, CGA).

The Director of High Performance – is a 2 year term position with the capability to extend beyond if desired.  They are responsible for the coordination, development and implementation of the High Performance programs and directions as per the Badminton Ontario Strategic Plan.  For a full description, please click here.

The Director of Coaching – responsible for the coordination, development and implementation of all coaching programs that come under the control of the Association; and will perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board.

The Directors at Large – responsible for the coordination, development and implementation of other special projects that include but are not limited to Governance, Organizational Development, Community Engagement, etc.

The Executive Director – responsible for liaison between the Board and staff, will support the Board in carrying out its duties and will have overall management responsibility for all programs and activities of the Association.

Executive Committee – The Executive Committee will be comprised of the President, Vice-President, Director of Finance and Administration, and the Past President. The Executive Committee will have the authority to oversee the implementation of Board policies during intervals between meetings of the Board, and will perform such other duties as are prescribed by these Bylaws or may be prescribed from time to time by the Board.

Other Committees – The Board may appoint such committees as it deems necessary for managing the affairs of the Association and may appoint members of committees or provide for the election of members of committees, may prescribe the duties of committees, and may delegate to any committee any of its powers, duties, and functions except where prohibited by the Act, the Constitution or these Bylaws.

Please contact if you are interested in becoming a Board of Director or Committee member

Badminton Ontario Committees

Executive / Finance Committee
Chair: Ian Assing
Members: Jeff Goldsworthy, Jeffrey Sum

Nominations Committee
Chair: Jeff Goldsworthy
Members: Lorna Duquette

Coaching Committee
Chair: Kristina Hall
Members: Kevin Willington,
Janet Hugli-Soong, Michael Gow

Competitions Committee
Chair: VP (vacant); Ian Assing
Members: Pradipta Dutta, Suzanne Lachner, Ian Lagden, Linda Lee, Rahul Tamraker, Simon Yip, Michelle Kozlowskyj (staff)

High Performance Committee
Chair: Ian Assing
Members: Efendi Wijaya

Appeals Committee

Sponsorship Committee
Chair: Michael Li
Members: Chuck Hoang, Jeffrey Sum

Strategic Planning & Governance Committee
Chair: Ian Assing
Members: Gary Milakovic, Michael Li, Jeffrey Sum