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Maintaining NCCP Certification

Maintenance of Certification and Professional Development

Maintenance of Certification is the NCCP policy that requires NCCP coaches to maintain their certification through Professional Development and training opportunities over a predetermined period.

The NCCP Maintenance of Certification and Professional Development policy provides coaches with credit for attending professional development opportunities and promotes upgrading and maintaining relevancy to coaching practices.

Maintenance of Certification, through proof of professional development and active coaching, is viewed as essential to athlete performance and the integrity of the NCCP. The former “Levels-NCCP” was sometimes criticized because a coach could continue to be ‘Certified’ even if they had not coached for several years or did not keep their coaching knowledge up to date.

Professional Development (PD Points)

Coaches maintain ‘Certified’ status by obtaining Professional Development (PD) Points. The number of required PD Points varies from sport to sport or from context to context. 

In badminton, coaches need to obtain the following number of PD points over a period of five (5) years:

    • Competition Introduction – Regional Coach: 20 PD points
    • Competition Introduction – Provincial Coach: 20 PD points
    • Competition Development: 30 PD points

Coaches can review the number of points needed to maintain their certification on the Maintenance page of their coaching transcript in The Locker.

How do I earn PD Points?

There are many ways to accumulate PD points. Eligible events that are organized by the Coaching Association of Canada, Coaches Association of Ontario, Badminton Canada, Badminton Ontario, or any other recognized badminton P/TSO will advertise the number of PD points associated with the event.

In general:

    • NCCP training or evaluation events are worth five (5) points;
    • Non-NCCP events are worth one (1) point for each hour they last, up to a maximum of thee (3) points;
    • “Active coaching” will give you one (1) point per year;
    • Through “Self-directed learning” you can earn a maximum of three (3) points per five-year PD cycle.

How to self-report PD Points:
Did you know you can self-report up to eight (8) PD Points per cycle? Learn how you can easily use the self-report feature in The Locker to report active coaching status and self-directed learning.

The following are highly-recommended Multi-Sport courses, offered for free or at low cost, for coaches to continue their development and earn PD Points:

NCCP Coach Initiation in Sportgreat for new coaches!
CAC Safe Sport Trainingfree e-learning
CAC Understanding the Rule of Twofree e-learning
NCCP Emergency Action Planfree e-learning
NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills
NCCP Creating a Positive Sport Environment
NCCP Making Head Way in Sport – free concussion e-learning
NCCP Coaching Athletes With a Disabilitycurrently free!
Mental Health in Sportfree e-learning
Keeping Girls in Sport
Gender Equity LENS
CAC Anti-racism in Coaching

NCCP Courses in Ontario
Find upcoming NCCP courses offered by the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO) by viewing their Course Calendar. Coaches can also subscribe to the CAO’s newsletter to receive communications and stay up to date on programs, events, resources and more.

Badminton Ontario Professional Development Events for Coaches
Occasionally, Badminton Ontario, our District Associations, or our affiliated clubs may host special events and other development opportunities for coaches. This could include clinics with guest coaches or instructors, focused clinics, professional development opportunities, development camps, etc. These events may be eligible for PD Points.

Be sure to check our Competitions & Events calendar to stay up to date on any coach education opportunities in Ontario!

What happens if I don't maintain my certification?

Not Renewed status

Certified (Transferred) Not Renewed

A coach who does not complete the required PD credits by the expiry date of their maintenance cycle will have the status of ‘Not Renewed’. For their certification to be in good standing, the coach must complete the required PD points within their maintenance cycle.

Certified Transferred

Once this happens, the status of ‘Not Renewed’ will be removed immediately, and their maintenance cycle will be reset on January 1 of the following calendar year. 

Badminton Ontario reserves the right to revoke any Provincial Coaches Licenses for coaches whose certification has expired during the season as a result of not obtaining enough PD points. As a result, they will no longer be eligible to coach on court at Badminton Ontario events until they have regained their ‘Certified’ status.

It is the coach’s responsibility to be aware of their maintenance cycle and obtain the necessary PD points to maintain their certification status.

For more information about the CAC’s Maintenance of Certification policy, please visit the ‘Maintenance of Certification’ FAQ.