During the COVID-19 state of emergency period, Badminton Ontario will be operating on reduced hours. If needed, please contact via email.


Membership Information

Before starting the registration process take a moment to review the membership definitions and consider what membership best supports your participation or goals throughout the year. Review below and become familiar before proceeding to registration. Club Membership Categories are exclusive to Badminton Ontario only while Individual Membership Categories are integrated with the Badminton Canada national database.

Badminton Ontario membership renewal for the 2021-2022 Competition Season is done through PlayerWeb. Registration for tournaments are to be completed through Tournament Software. 

Any player trying to register for a tournament in Ontario or a sanctioned Badminton Canada event that is using Badminton Tournament Planner to accept online entries must have a current and valid membership with Badminton Ontario.

Badminton Ontario has created distinct levels of tournaments: P/T Masters, Provincial A, Provincial B, P/T Regional C, and Local. Each level will require a different category of membership within Badminton Ontario and Badminton Canada.

The current membership year is from September 1 to August 31, and the following categories and fees are now in effect, ranging from $0 to $100. Effective immediately, all members are required to register through PlayerWeb and sign up for tournaments in the Badminton Canada Portal. The portal integrates Badminton Ontario and Badminton Canada Licenses allowing for access to all provincial and national sanction tournaments, NCCP Coach Education workshops, and financial support programs.

2021-2022 Season (Sept 01 – Aug 31)

Provincial Fee 
BCAN License NameAnnual BCAN
License Fee  
Sport Development
Fund Contribution 
Total Fee  
 Provincial A$40High Performance A$25$15$100
 Provincial B$40Competition B$10$10$80
 Regional C$35P/T Regional C$0$10$70
 Provincial Master$25P/T Masters$10$10$70
 Local$0General Non-Ranking$0$0$25

** Total Fee includes Badminton Ontario General Membership fee

As seen on the table above each tournament or event is assigned its own membership category. In some cases tournaments or events allow all sorts of memberships where others may only allow for a certain type of membership to participate. If you are looking to confirm which membership category that the tournament and/or event you are registering for falls into please visit the link on the tournament information page on our website.  You will be taken to the Badminton Canada site where on the top left hand corner under the title of the tournament or event, the membership category should be stated.

Accreditation Passes for Coaches and Officials

Badminton Ontario also issues Accreditation Passes for Coaches and Officials for the provincial tournaments and events.  These are required to be renewed for each competition season beginning on September 1st.  All applications and renewals will be reviewed to ensure that the certification requirements have been met before Accreditation Passes are issued for each competition season.

Ontario Accreditation Category  Annual Provincial Fee 
 Provincial Coach $30
 Provincial Official $25
 Upgrade to National Coaches License $30 *must have Provincial Coach to upgrade
 Upgrade to National Officials License $10 *must have Provincial Official to upgrade 

** Officials Fees includes Badminton Ontario General Membership fee, Coaches must pay additional for General Membership fee

Badminton Ontario is a member based organization where players, coaches, officials, supporters and other stakeholders are encouraged to affiliate with a badminton club.

Players receiving specific benefits like provincial or national rankings, scholarships, team selection, financial support for training and competition expenses, will need to be affiliated with a club. Club affiliation for membership will generally be completed by Club President, Owner, Head Pro, or Board Chair. 

Individual athlete members are permitted to switch badminton clubs one (1) time in each competitive season.  

Documents, Waivers, Attestations, etc.

In addition, participants (athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators where applicable) will be required to review the following documents prior to the membership registration renewal process:

  1. Acknowledgement of PSO Policies and Code of Conduct – Sept 2021
  2. BON Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Claims and Liability – Sept 2021
  3. BON Concussion – Sept 2021
  4. BON Membership and Annual License – Sept 2021
  5. Consent for Use of Personal Information Photo Media Release – Sept 2021
  6. Membership Fees – Sept 2021
  7. PSO Insurance Policies – Sept 2021
  8. Status of Activities – Sept 2021

COVID-19 Return to Play Resources

Badminton Ontario has developed a Return to Play document outlining some key factors for PSO tournaments and events amidst the challenges and restrictions brought on by COVID-19. Click below to take you to the COVID-19 resource page. 

** 2021 Return to Play Document to be published shortly


Badminton Ontario does provide player sport accident insurance and club general liability and sport accident insurance to its registered members.


** page last updated August 2021