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Club Resources

Resources for Club Operators

Code of Conduct

The purpose of the BON Code of Conduct is to ensure a safe and positive environment within BON programs, activities, and events by making all individuals aware that there is an expectation, at all times, of appropriate behavior consistent with the values of  BON.

Start a Badminton Club

If you are interested in starting your own badminton club, review the resource page. 

Bulk Upload for Member Registration

Clubs can have their members register on PlayerWeb individually to renew/purchase their memberships or go through the Process for Bulk Upload to register multiple memberships at once. 

Provincial Registration Guidelines

Badminton Ontario issues Athlete Membership License Cards giving members privileges to participate in tournaments in Ontario or sanctioned Badminton Canada events. BON also issues accreditation passes for Coaches & Officials for provincial tournaments. 

Certify your Coaches

Get your club coaches certified through the National Coaching Certification Pathway (NCCP).  This program has been developed by the Coaching Association of Canada in partnership with Badminton Canada.  Course material covers information for coaches to learn new strategies, techniques, and helps improve overall coaching perspective.

Safe Sport Resources

Badminton Ontario believes that everybody participating in the sport of badminton in Ontario has the right to participate in a safe and inclusive environment that is free of abuse, harassment, and discriminations.  Click below to take you to the Safe Sport resource page. 

Incident Report Form

BON Policies

COVID-19 Return to Play Resources

Badminton Ontario has developed a Return to Play document outlining some key factors for PSO tournaments and events amidst the challenges and restrictions brought on by COVID-19.