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Hosting Provincial Events

Host an Event

Badminton continues to be a large growing sport in Ontario and worldwide for all ages. Whether it is a competitive, recreational, fundraiser, or social event, it is a great way to spend the day on the courts.

A few minimum facility requirements include:

  • Ideally 30 feet ceiling clearance
  • Dark wall colours in the Field of Play
  • Minimum Field of Play lighting at 500 lux, 1000 lux is desirable
  • No natural lighting from windows or ceiling; or the ability to block out natural light with coverings
  • Ideally wood sprung floors; or Sport Court Mats with underlay floor tiling for shock/impact absorption
  • Space clearance surrounding the courts
  • Space to designate for the Draw Desk and Referee Station with a clear view of the Field of Play
  • Space for the Athlete’s lounge and spectators
  • Club staff or volunteer support
  • Experienced Match Control person at the draw desk familiar with Tournament Planner Software

If you are interested in hosting a badminton tournament in your community or if you have any questions, please email for more information.