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Officiating Resources

Requirements for Ontario Accreditation

To officiate at sanctioned Ontario tournaments and events, technical officials must:

Record of Experience

This booklet is used to record the matches you officiate as you progress through the Officiating pathway. You can download and print this off or request one from the Badminton Ontario office. Record books are no charge for active officials.

Officiating Handbook

The Official’s Handbook contains the laws of badminton as well as reminders on popular verbiage used while officiating. This publication is given to officials that complete their Regional Training and costs $10 for members and $15 for non-members to purchase. The handbook was updated in 2011 as per BWF rule changes.

Officials Technical Evaluation

This form is used to evaluate your development as you progress from one level to the next. You can gain a better understanding of what is expected from this evaluation.

BWF Statutes & Resources

Rules of the Game – The Laws of Badminton are outlined in Chapter 4.1 of the Badminton World Federation Statutes. Click to the right to take you to the BWF website. 

Instructions to TOs (ITTO) – This document contains the guidelines for Technical Officials as stated in the BWF Statutes 4.1.1. ** In Force: 24/11/2020

Vocabulary for TOs – This document contains the vocabulary guidelines for Technical Officials as stated in the BWF Statutes 4.1.5. ** In Force: 19/2/2020

BWF Statutes App – BWF has launched a new Statutes App which has all the rules and regulations of the BWF in one convenient location. Available for iOS and Android , the content mirrors the five chapters of the BWF statutes page of their website.

BCAN National Officials Policy

This document contains the guidelines for Technical Officials as outlined by Badminton Canada at the National Level.  ** In Force: Oct 12, 2019

Score Sheets

Use the score sheets provided to the right to guide you as you learn to track score on court during a badminton match.  A blank score sheet is available for you to download and print for practicing.  Both a singles and a doubles sample score sheet are available to demonstrate the difference in recording scores for different disciplines. 

Tournament Documents

Use these documents provided to the right for post-tournament reporting:

  • Referee’s report,
  • Match Control’s report (draw desk),
  • Participant Access Control Officer’s report, and
  • Expense claim forms for all technical officials  

Tournament Planner Software

Every tournament organizer knows how hard it is to sort out stacks of entry forms, draws and matches to have a great tournament. Tournament Planner is designed to manage any type of tournament and provides you practical, and professional capabilities. As you know by your own experience, managing tournaments can be a very time-consuming trick. Tournament Planner offers lots of functionality with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Badminton Ontario uses this software at all sanctioned events and is required for hosts to understand how to use the software when hosting a sanctioned event.

You can download the trial version of the software for free. A license is required to access full program features and to publish the event online. If you have an existing version on your system you only need to download an update.

Safe Sport in Ontario

Badminton Ontario believes that everybody participating in the sport of badminton in Ontario has the right to participate in a safe and inclusive environment that is free of abuse, harassment, and discrimination. 

Officials Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • Each official shall follow and enforce the laws and procedures as outlined in the BON Officiating handbook, in accordance with the BWF Statute Book.
  • An official shall be dressed in proper attire according to the BON Dress Policy and present a meticulous appearance.
  • An official shall remember that while at work as an official it is important to act in such a way that attention is drawn not to the official but to the players.
  • An official shall shape his/her character and conduct so as to be a worthy example to players who play under his/her jurisdiction.
  • An official shall be fair and unbiased in all decisions, rendering them without regard to the score.
  • The actions of an official should be firm, but not overbearing; courteous but not ingratiating; positive but never rude; dignified but never arrogant; friendly but not companionable; and calm but always alert.
  • An official shall be prepared both physically and mentally to administer the game.
  • An official shall be constantly alert to the possibility of player injury, so that an injured player may be properly treated.
  • An official shall act towards fellow officials in a courteous and correct manner at al times and never in a critical manner in public.
  • An official shall act towards coaches in a correct and courteous manner at all times.
  • An official shall offer an explanation, if requested, after declaring a call to players. Furthermore, the official shall not give the appearance of obvious familiarity before, during or after a match.