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Training to Train

As athletes start to identify badminton as one of their primary sports, they begin to look outside their schools and clubs for training and competition. Badminton Ontario offers two programs to help these athletes discover and improve their skills.

    • Black Knight Junior (B) Competitive Tournament Series
    • Focus on Badminton Skills Clinics


Training to Competition ratio:

  • 15% off court training
  • 45% on court training
  • 30% on court competition simulation
  • 10% real competition.

Black Knight Junior (B) Competitive Series

This group of tournaments is a series of 1 or 2 day tournaments, with up to 10 tournaments in a season.

This series has 5 age groups to participate in; U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19. It encourages competition in athletes starting to train in their schools, and is open to B level players or below. Continued competition is encouraged through the Ontario Junior Rankings System (OJRS) which tracks an athlete’s progress through the season and allows them to compare results with other athletes. The series is also a feeder system into the next level of competition, our Black Knight Junior (A) High Performance Tournament Series

Focus Clinics

Badminton Ontario partnered with the University of Toronto and Black Knight Canada (Canadian Badminton supplier), and with the support of the Coaches Association of Ontario we provide a series of 3 clinics that focus on the strategy behind each discipline; singles, doubles and mixed doubles. These clinics are a training tool for high school level athletes that have a solid understanding of badminton but are hoping to refine their skills and learn strategy behind the game.

The focus for athletes will be to learn to ‘see the court’ during both on court game situations and tournament match play and thus to start devising strategies that will improve individual performance in competition. During the tournament, the player will have the opportunity to compete in a mini-tournament and to work under a coaching team of clinic staff and participating school coaches.

Ratio in these clinics is 90% on court training and 10% on court competition simulation in one day.

Click Focus on Badminton Skills Clinics for more information and to find out about our upcoming clinics.

To access the full Canadian Badminton Long Term Athlete Development handbook, click here.