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2014 TDBA U12/U16 Championship Results


Highlights from past events!

June 7/8, 2014 — TDBA U12/U16 Championships –

On the weekend of June 7 & 8 2014, the U12/U16 TDBA Championships were held at Bill Crothers Secondary School. Thank you to Raymond Wong for organizing the draw for us. A big thank you to David Carroll and Nelson Chan for running the draw desk.

U12 Winners:

BS 1st: Darren Choi, 2nd: Minh Cheng, Con winner: Adrien Cheung

GS 1st: Cassidy Lee, 2nd: Rachel Chan, Jackie Dent

BD 1st: Minh Cheng & Victor Lai, 2nd: Darren Choi & Nicholas Tao, 3rd: Kang Li & Win (Rong) Liao

GD 1st: Rachel Jun Ling Chan & Cassidy Li, 2nd: Natalie Lo & Samantha Wong, 3rd: Jackie Elizabeth Dent & Jennie Xu

XD 1st: Darren Choi & Cassidy Li, 2nd: Minh Cheng & Jackie Elizabeth Dent, 3rd: Kang Li & Samantha Wong

U16 Winners:

BS 1st: Michael Farrell, 2nd: Arthur Cheung, Con winner: Anson Ng

GS 1st: Sharon Au, 2nd Jacqueline Cheung, 3rd: Emily Wei

BD 1st: Heffren Lo & Anson Ho Nam Ng, 2nd: Arthur Cheung & Haoze (Michael) Lin, 3rd: Michael McQuade Farrell & Sam Sum Yin Ma

GD 1st: Mary Wang & Emily Wei, 2nd: Sharon Au & Jacqueline Cheung, 3rd: Alyssa Hum & Danielle Tse

XD 1st: Heffron Lo & Mary Wang, 2nd: Anson Ho Nam Ng & Jacqueline Cheung, 3rd: Tom Jiaming Liu & Sharon Au

Thank you to Black Knight and all the athletes and parents that supported our U12/U16 Championships. See you next year!

Linda Lee

TDBA President

May 3/4, 2014 — TDBA UNOFSSA Tournament –

TDBA was pleased to run the UNOFSSA tournament for our high school badminton athletes. The OFSSA Championships took place in Markham this year at the same time (just north of us).

It ran on the weekend of May 3 & 4 at Commander Badminton Centre located in Scarborough. Thank you to Commander Badminton Centre for opening up their brand new facility for us to use. They supplied each athlete with a free pass and had lucky draws for 4 memberships.

The TDBA Board of Directors would like to congratulate all the UNOSAA WINNERS!
Gr. 9/10:

BS 1st Jason Lam, 2nd Brian Tang & Con winner Yule Dela Cerna

GS 1st Anson Wong, 2nd Alexis Tao & Con winner Jesse Huang

BD 1st Jason Lam & Brian Tang, 2nd Yule Dela Cerna & Jonathan Ho, 3rd Stanley Chan & Stephen Choi

GD 1st Alexis Tao & Lucy Yu, 2nd Joey Kuang & Jana Pauline Pacheco, 3rd Jesse Huang & Fiona Lee

XD 1st Jonathan Ho &Joey Kuang, 2nd Calvin Chow& Alexis Tao & Con Winner Brian Tang & Zhiyi Fang

Gr. 11/12:

BS 1st Yifan Wei, 2nd Christianto Sutiono & Con winner Alvin Tailoi Janes

GS 1st Jun Zhang, 2nd Kiwi Cheng, 3rd Anna Yu

BD 1st Jason Cen & Otto Pang, 2nd Alan Hu & Alvin Tailoi Janes, Con winner Yifan Wei & Robin Xia
GD 1st Bernita Ng & Anna Yu, 2nd Kiwi Cheng & Alice Zhang, 3rd Ai Jang & Sandy Leung

XD 1st Yifan Wei & Anna Yu, 2nd Alvin Tailoi Janes & Lucy Yu, 3rd Alan Hu & Bernita Ng

March 15/16, 2014 — TDBA U14/U19 Championships –

The TDBA U14/U19 Championships were held the last weekend of March Break at Markham District High School. Thank you to David Carroll, Nelson Chan & Antonio Wong for running the draw desk.

Thank you to all of the parents for supporting their son/daughter in the sport of badminton.

U14 Winners:

BS 1st Michael McQuade Farrell, 2nd Arthur Cheung, Con Winner Alex Hu

GS 1st Angela Chen, 2nd Sharon Au, Con Winner Sharon Chung

BD 1st Arthur Cheung & Sam Sum Yin Ma, 2nd Ivan C Cheng & Michael McQuade Farrell, Con Winner Alex Hu & Andy Ho Tin Ng

GD 1st Angela Chen & Shirley Yang, 2nd Sharon Au & Jacqueline Cheung, 3rd Celina Liu & Ashley Mach

XD 1st Arthur Cheung & Angela Chen 2nd Thomas Dent & Sharon Au, 3rd Jackie Jungzhong Zhou & Jacqueline Cheung

U19 Winners:

BS 1st Hok Poy Lo, 2nd Kyle To, Con Winner Galvin Cho

GS 1st Karissa Chan, 2nd Claudia Yuoi Bing Tai, 3rd Sammie Cheng

BD 1st Phillip Choi & Hok Poy Lo, 2nd Kingsley Wu & Jeffrey Xiao, Con Winner Brandon Lee Cheung & Kyle To

GD 1st Catherine Choi & Talia Hailey Ng, 2nd Karissa Chan & Claudia Yuoi Bing Tai, 3rd Sammie Cheng & Stephanie Cheng

XD 1st Hok Poy Lo & Catherine Choi, 2nd Phillip Choi & Karissa Chan, Con Winner Jonathan Chang & Stephanie Cheng

Thank you to Black Knight for supporting our tournament with prizes and shuttles.



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