Tournament Pre-Registration

Badminton Ontario Tournament Pre-Registration

New for the 2023-2024 season! Badminton Ontario has introduced a pre-registration process for all Junior A, B and C series tournaments in an effort to increase access to our events and improve the player experience.

What is Pre-Registration?

Pre-Registration is a predetermined window prior to the official tournament registration period when players can express their interest in participating in a specific tournament.

Submitting a Pre-Registration form does not guarantee selection for the tournament, though only players who have pre-registered can be considered for selection.

How does it work?

  • Players will fill out an online form to express their interest in participating and provide the necessary information.
  • Forms will be linked on each respective tournament page on the Badminton Ontario Competitions & Events calendar.
  • The Pre-Registration period will be open on the Friday at 9:00am ET three (3) weeks prior to the tournament start date and will close on the following Monday at 12:00pm ET.
    • Late registrations will not be accepted.
  • Only players who have pre-registered can be selected for entry into the tournament.
    • No exceptions will be provided.
  • Players will be selected based on criteria established to enhance equity and fairness and greater participation.
  • Players selected to enter the tournament will receive the official tournament registration link from Badminton Ontario staff.
  • Only players selected will be eligible to register for the tournament.

Selection Criteria

Players will be selected based on criteria established to enhance equity and fairness in accessing our tournaments and promoting greater participation for all.

In order of priority, the following general criteria will be used to guarantee selection into our tournaments:

    1. Event Capacity
    2. District Quotas
    3. Host Club Quotas

Additional criteria will be used to select players from the Pre-Registration pool to fill the remaining available slots in order to reach tournament capacity. 

Other considerations, in order of priority, include:

    1. Waitlisted Players
    2. Age
    3. Identified Partners
    4. Historically Underrepresented Groups
    5. Multiple Entries
    6. Provincial Ranking Points
    7. Provincial Rankings

Detailed explanations of the criteria categories can be found in the Pre-Registration Selection Criteria below.

Players, parents, coaches, and administrators are highly encouraged to review the full Pre-Registration Selection Criteria to ensure they clearly understand the selection process.

Why was Pre-Registration introduced?

Badminton Ontario introduced the Pre-Registration process in an effort to mitigate some of the challenges experienced by players and their parents throughout the registration process during past seasons. Previously, tournament registration functioned on a “first come, first served” basis and tournaments reached maximum capacity within minutes of opening. This caused most tournaments to operate over capacity and resulted in numerous withdrawals and other administrative challenges.

Our intention behind introducing the Pre-Registration process is to:

  • Improve the equity and fairness of tournament entries 
  • Better manage tournament capacity limits
  • Increase equitable access to competition for players of all genders, age groups, and districts
  • Simplify the official tournament registration process for players and parents
  • Reduce urgency and time constraints surrounding tournament registration
  • Streamline tournament administration and operations for Badminton Ontario staff
  • Improve the overall tournament experience for players, parents, coaches, officials, and event staff
We welcome your patience and understanding during the introduction of this new process. Your continued support of the development of badminton in Ontario is appreciated!

How do I pre-register?

Click on the respective button below for the upcoming tournament in which you wish to pre-register. You will be taken to the tournament page where you will find the link to the Pre-Registration form. Reminder: Forms will only be available during the designated Pre-Registration period!

How to Prepare for Pre-Registration:

  1. Purchase the applicable level of Badminton Ontario membership for the 2023-2024 season
  2. Identify your BON Member ID (e.g. ON####)
  3. Determine the events in which you would like to compete
  4. Determine your event partner(s) if applicable. Both partners should be in agreement and pre-registration partner information should match.
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