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Team Ontario – Canada Games

Team Ontario is selected by Badminton Ontario through a selection tournament for the Canada Games. Leading up to the Games are a series of developmental opportunities for athletes that increase their chances of making the team. The Canada Games are held every two years, alternating summer and winter seasons. Badminton is a winter games sport, with the next games in early 2019. Selection criteria will be posted approximately 1 year before the start of the Games. You can view the 2015 selection criteria 2015CWG.TeamOntario.SelectionCriteria.pdf. Results: Team Ontario won gold at the 2011 & 2015 Games. Badminton Ontario has hired Andrew Dabeka as the head coach for Team Ontario, and Susan Yakura as Team Manager. 2014-2015 TEAM ONTARIO TRAINING PROGRAM: Badminton Ontario has put together a Team Ontario Development Program to assist athletes in their Elite development towards the goal of making Team Ontario for the Canada Games. Please find a schedule of events below. Camp March’14: March 14-16, 2014 – Team Ontario Elite Development Camp Location: Humber College Time: Friday night (TBD), Saturday and Sunday 9:30am – 4:30pm Fee: Free – funded by Team Ontario Guest Coaches: Nathan Robertson, Toby Ng, Alex Bruce, Nyl Yakuran, Kevin Li, and Peter Butler This camp features Mixed Doubles specialist Nathan Robertson from England, former World Champion and Olympic silver medalist. Athletes have the opportunity to learn from one of the best, in a captivating weekend of Elite badminton. Registration is limited to 48 athletes. Link to register: HERE EXHIBITION: March 17th at the Granite Club featuring Nathan Robertson against Ontario’s Olympians and top athletes! Camp July’14: July 19-20, 2014 – Open – Location: Commander Badminton Club (Scarborough) Time: Sat (9 am – 5 pm) & Sun (9 am – 1 pm) Fee: $60 Register HERE Camp Aug’14: Aug 16-17, 2014 – Open – Location: Commander Badminton Club Time: Sat (9 am – 5 pm) & Sun (9 am – 1 pm) Fee: $60 Registration link: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=70C79BDB-6525-49E9-89DA-8DB04F6958D0 Team Ontario trials: Fall 2014 – Limited – Everyone who has participated in one of the development camps is welcome to tryout for Team Ontario at these trials located at E Badminton Club in Markham, Ontario. Billeting can be made available upon request. Location: E BADMINTON CLUB (100 B Duffield, Markham ON) Date: December 20-21, 2014 Fee: $75.00 Register here: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=19A21A7D-CB4F-4D29-B5DE-EBEA551523F9
2015 CANADA GAMES TEAM TRIALS – Regulations Final – Nov 3, 2014.pdf Camp: Sparring Sessions – Team Ontario invite only Location: Date: TBA (Jan 2015) Time: TBA Maximum number of athletes: 16 Guest coach: TBD This camp gives athletes Elite sparring opportunities over the Christmas break with some of Canada’s National team members and top athletes, preparing them for competition (i.e..Toronto Open).
Hello Everyone, Last night the BOD of BCan met and approved the entry process as well as the team and individual seeding for the 2015 Canada Winter Games. These motions were put forward by the competitions committee when they recognized a gap in the 2015 Canada Games Technical Regulations. TEAM SEEDING Seeding of the team event will be based on the results of the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax. The seeds for 2015 are:
1.       Ontario 2.       British Columbia 3.       Quebec 4.       Alberta 5.       Manitoba 6.       Nova Scotia 7.       New Brunswick 8.       Saskatchewan 9.       Newfoundland 10.   Northwest Territories 11.   Nunavut
Individual Event Seeding As there are no seeding criteria in the technical package for the individual events, the following be activities be used to seed the individual event
1.       Badminton Canada uses the Badminton Canada Senior Ranking and  Seeding Regulations to seed the 2015 Canada Winter Games; 2.       That a member for the Junior Seeding Committee sit on the Senior Seeding Committee to seed the 2015 Canada Winter Games; 3.       That in the event that there is debate (within the 350 points as per the senior seeding regulations) over a specific seeding position, that the Badminton Canada Junior Rankings is used a potential tie breaker (if applicable).
Entry Process
1.       P/Tso have until January 9th to submit to Badminton Canada a list of their athletes  and the events in which they will be competing in the individual event. 2.       Any entries received after January 9th are subject to a $500 processing fee. Changes can be made to the entry due to illness or injury without incurring any penalty financial penalty until the draw is published.
The Badminton Canada Competitions Committee will be addressing these gaps in the Canada Winter Games Technical Regulations this year.
Kind regards, Joe Joe Morissette Executive Director / Directeur général Badminton Canada 700 Industrial Avenue, Suite 401 Ottawa, ON, K1G 0Y9 Phone: 613-569-2424 ext 101  Fax: 613-748-5724

2011 Team Ontario Roster Alex Bruce, Peter Butler, Surabhi Kadam, Nathan Lee, Michelle Li, Joseph Rogers, Bethany So, Andrew Malcolm Tai-Pow, Tracy Wong, Nyl Yakura 2007 Team Ontario Roster Peter Butler, Caroline Cheung, Joycelyn Ko, Stephanie Ko, Jennifer Lam, MIchelle Li, Aiden Lim, Thomas Lloyd McKee, Sen Hoong Phang, Lucas Lap-Chung Wong