Safe Sport Education Program for Coaches, Officials, Parents, and Volunteers

The Safe Sport Education Program will train you to be aware of some of the signs of abuse and how to deal with potential situations (mandatory for coaches and officials).


Since January 1st, 2019 there have been 22 coaches charged in Canada with sexual offence in sport, with the majority of those against minors. As referees and umpires, we have a unique capacity to see potential situations of physical, mental and other types of abuse in our sport – particularly on court actions. As some of you have heard, Badminton Canada is requiring all the National Technical Officials and Coaches to take Safe Sport e-learning modules in order to make our sport safer. Badminton Ontario is following Badminton Canada’s lead. Our Provincial Government funding partner is also going to make this a requirement for all provincial sport organizations in Ontario very shortly and we want to be proactive rather than reactive to this pending requirement. The Safe Sport Education Program that you are required complete will train you to be aware of some of the signs of abuse and how to deal with potential situations. Many National level umpires and referees from Ontario have already taken the course and see value in the course.

There is a charge to the cost of the Safe Sport Education Program; $30 payable when taking the program by the individual taking the module. Please note that all Badminton Ontario Technical Officials and Provincial Coaches will be required to have completed the online Safe Sport Education Program before December 25th, 2019. Badminton Ontario has no choice in implementing these requirements nor do we have the capacity to absorb any new costs related to them. However, our hope is to potentially reduce this burden in future years. Please note that you only need to complete the module every three years and if you have completed the e-module as a national official or a national coach you do not need to do the course again.

There are three e-learning modules;

1. Activity Leader (Coaches, Tech officials, etc.)
2. Workplace -Staff, committees and BOD 3. Parents (for parents) * The parent e-module is built however we are not requiring parents to do the module at this time. * In order to access the e-learning module please go to your respective e-leaning module and follow the following steps: 1. You need to complete the “Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program”. 2. If you are a new user, please create a new profile. If you have an existing account enter your username and password. 3. If you are creating a new profile, it is important that you indicate which province you are from. Many provincial badminton associations will be requiring their stakeholders to complete this education in the future. It will be easier for everyone to track if you put in your province. 4. Once you agree to the terms of service you will be brought to the e-learning module 5. The estimated time to complete this program is 3 hours. You may complete this program at your own pace and convenience. 6. To begin the program, click on “Program Access” After completing this program, please contact Jean Wong at to let them know you have done the program. 7. This program must be completed in sequential order. Modules will unlock after completion of the previous section. 8. Once complete, your certificate is available to view and print from the “Profile” page. 9. To modify your profile, click the profile button in the menu. After making any changes, be sure to click “save”. 10. If you experience technical difficulties during this program, refer to the help section Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we implement this new system. Please note that you will only need to be recertified in the program every three years.

Please note 1. Badminton Ontario requires all assigned officials at the Toronto open to have completed about the e-learning module by Dec 25th, 2019 2. Any Coaches would like to coach the players at Toronto open must complete above e-learning module by 25th December 2019 3. Any Board Member/Districts Executive must complete by Feb 28th, 2020

Please see the official press release here: Respect in Sports Training.pdf


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