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A Win for the Province at the 15.16 Black Knight Badminton Ontario Jr A HP Championship in Markham


Press Release

April 25, 2016 / Badminton Ontario

A Win for the Province at the 15.16 Black Knight Badminton Ontario Jr A HP Championship in Markham

This past weekend at Markham’s Atos Pan Am Centre, the province’s high performance badminton athletes proved just how remarkably talented they all are. The 15.16 Black Knight Badminton Ontario Jr A HP Championship, which gathered 169 of the top players from all corners of the province, was an exceptional event. 19 of Ontario’s badminton clubs participated.

Notable results include:

Triple Crowns: Jasmine Shi (U11 KCBC), Sharon Au (U15 KCBC), Colin Jia (U15 E Badminton)

Double Crowns: Michael Ji (U11 KCBC), Victor Lai (U13 Mandarin), Sophia Nong (U13 Mandarin), Talia Ng (U17E Badminton), Brian Yang (U17/19 E Badminton), Sankeerth Bagalur Rajanna (U19 KCBC), Katie Ho-Shue (U19 E Badminton)

Summary of results:

U11 BS: Michael Ji (KCBC) defeated Daniel Li (KCBC), bronze: Oliver Chen (KCBC)

U11 GS: Jasmine Shi (KCBC) defeated Kylie Yang (Lee’s), bronze: Lyric Su (KCBC)

U11 XD: Jasmine Shi and Daniel Li (KCBC) defeated Kylie Yang (Lee’s) and Michael Wang (KCBC), bronze: Rayce Su and Lyric Su (KCBC)

U11 BD: Michael Ji and Rayce Su (KCBC) defeated Michael Wang and Tommy Yang (KCBC), Oliver Chen and Thorne Weaver (KCBC)

U11 GD: Jasmine Shi (KCBC) and Kylie Yang (Lee’s) won the Round Robin, silver: Katie Lau and Lyric Su (KCBC), bronze: Allison Cheng and Chloe Lee (Mandarin)

U13 BS: Victor Lai (Mandarin) defeated Minh Cheng (KCBC), bronze: Nathan Mills (Granite)

U13 GS: Jackie Dent (KCBC) defeated Jessica Cheng (Mandarin), bronze Christina Lin (KCBC)

U13 XD: Sophia Nong (Mandarin) and Minh Cheng (KCBC) defeated Jessica Cheng and Victor Lai (Mandarin), Jackie Dent (KCBC) and Joshua Nguyen (E Badminton)

U13 BD: Victor Lai (Mandarin) and Owen Xie (KCBC) defeated Joshua Nguyen (E Badminton) and Jasper Tang (Suria), bronze: Daniel Leung (E Badminton) and Jeffrey Liu (Mandarin)

U13 GD: Jessica Cheng and Sophia Nong (Mandarin) won the Round Robin, silver: Jackie Dent and Christina Lin (KCBC), bronze: Chloe Hoang (E Badminton) and Chengjia Li (Flying Dragon)

U15 BS: Colin Jia (E Badminton) defeated Jackie Zhou (Lee’s), bronze: William Gao (Mandarin)

U15 GS: Sharon Au (KCBC) defeated Jacqueline Cheung (Mandarin), bronze: Samantha Wong (KCBC)

U15 XD: Sharon Au (KCBC) and Colin Jia (E Badminton) defeated Jeslyn Chow and Jack Wang (KCBC), bronze: Cassidy Li and Darren Choi (Lee’s)

U15 BD: Colin Jia (E Badminton) and Jackie Zhou (Lee’s) defeated Thomas Dent and Tom Liu (KCBC), bronze: Minh Cheng and Ivan Li (KCBC)

U15 GD: Sharon Au and Rebecca Lee (KCBC) defeated Rachel Chan and Cassidy Li (Lee’s), bronze: Jeslyn Chow and Tiffany Too (KCBC)

U17 BS: Brian Yang (E Badminton) defeated Aaron Hsu (Lee’s), bronze: Kevin Wang (Lee’s)

U17 GS: Talia Ng (E Badminton) defeated Crystal Lai (KCBC), bronze: Sherry Wu (RA Badminton)

U17 XD: Talia Ng and Victor Lu (E Badminton) defeated Crystal Lai and Kyle To (KCBC), bronze: Linda Nong (Mandarin) and Franklin Zheng (E Badminton)

U17 BD: Arthur Cheung and Stanley Feng (Lee’s) defeated Michael Farrell (Lee’s) and Brian Yang (E Badminton), bronze: Aaron Hsu and Sam Ma (Lee’s)

U17 GD: Angela Chen and Belle Tuen (Lee’s) defeated Jacqueline Cheung and Maggie Wong (Mandarin), bronze: Kalie Rheaume and Sherry Wu (RA Badminton)

U19 BS: Sankeerth Bagalur Rajanna (KCBC) defeated Clement Chow (KCBC), bronze: Bryan Poon (Suria)

U19 GS: Katie Ho-Shue (E Badminton) defeated Catherine Choi (E Badminton), bronze: Jasmine Yu (Advance)

U19 XD: Katie Ho-Shue and Brian Yang (E Badminton) defeated Natalie Lam and Yuge Zeng (KCBC), bronze: Giselle Chan (E Badminton) and Tommy Du (Mandarin)

U19 BD: Sankeerth Bagalur Rajanna and Yuge Zeng (KCBC) defeated Clement Chow and Samuel Li (KCBC), bronze: Heffren Lo and Anson Ng (KCBC)

U19 GD: Crystal Lai (KCBC) and Chloe Rowe (Mandarin) defeated Giselle Chan and Katie Ho-Shue (E Badminton), bronze: Carolyn Bowman (Granite) and Christy Yam (Suria)

Athletes, coaches, and officials convened from multiple Ontario communities such as London and Paris, as well as Pembroke and Ottawa. Andrew Dabeka, Assistant Badminton Pro at RA Badminton, brought 19 athletes from the Ottawa area to this year’s Provincial Championship event. He weighed in on the overall positive experience.

“This is a beautiful facility. The event was well-scheduled, and we were happy with how everything went.

We had a lot of awesome individual performances out of our athletes. We had four athletes – or athlete combinations – in Doubles who made the quarter-finals, and one made the semi-finals, which was a big improvement for our group over the last few years. Overall, we are very happy.”

For Markham’s Colin Jia, one of the weekend’s Triple Crown winners, it has taken him the entire season to be able to accurately assess his competition on the court. Many of his fellow Ontario opponents provided him with some challenging competition over the course of the three-day event.

“Some of them were really tough. It takes a while to really get to know who you’re facing. But since I’ve been playing with (and against) the same people for a while now, it’s gotten a little bit easier. They can change up really quickly though, and it’s hard to know their strategy.”

Jia, who was just five years old the first time he picked up a badminton racquet, is coached by E Badminton’s Efendi Wijaya. He describes his coach as having a pivotal role in his improvement this season.

“A lot of the focus on the training is about making me faster on the court, and fixing my footwork. It’s a lot easier now to hit shots. Just by working really hard (with Wijaya) on my footwork, the quality of my game has improved. And so has my power and skill level.”

Mandarin Badminton’s Jessica Cheng also had a successful weekend on the court. The grade six student, with a penchant for weekly Phys Ed classes, took home the gold medal in Doubles, and a silver in Mixed Doubles and Singles. She was happy to chat with Badminton Ontario about the outcome of her weekend.

“It was good! We all tried our best. This wasn’t my best tournament, but I got one gold and two silvers. And now I go back to training!”

Jessica spoke fondly of her return to instruction at Mandarin Badminton – and specifically of her sparring coach – Florah Ng.

“She’s strict, but she is always, always trying to help her athletes. And sometimes she’s funny, too.”

The weekend’s 15.16 Black Knight Badminton Ontario Jr A HP Championship drew together top athletes from across the province. It provided some athletes with their first crack at provincial championships, others with moments of pride on the podium, and many with hope for the future. The common thread through the course of the event, however, seemed to lie in every athlete’s ability to learn and move forward with an unbridled enthusiasm for the sport.

The following is a complete list of results from the weekend’s championship event.

Badminton Ontario (BON) is a not for profit amateur sport organization responsible for badminton within the province of Ontario. Badminton Ontario’s vision is to connect with all athletes participating in badminton in Ontario, inspire athletes to cherish badminton and establish it as their sport for life.


For more information contact: Sarah Miller, Badminton Ontario, cell (905) 749-0361 or e-mail



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