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Rachel Honderich and “Beyond the Jersey” form a partnership


Press Release

May 24, 2016 / Badminton Ontario

Rachel Honderich and “Beyond the Jersey” form a partnership

Beyond the Jersey is a company that provides a multitude of Canadian athletes of all disciplines and types with a platform that assists them in gaining exposure. In turn, Canadian sports fans are given a closer look into the lives of many of our nation’s very best athletes. Recognizing Badminton Ontario’s Rachel Honderich’s hard work, drive and dedication, Beyond the Jersey felt inspired to reach out to her, as one of our province’s most exhilarating and talented badminton players.

Paige Wolfe, General Manager of Beyond the Jersey and its parent company Clothing Culture, recently explained the very qualities that make Honderich such a great fit as one of the company’s recent ambassadors.

“As a young Canadian athlete balancing both school and sport at a professional level, Rachel is exactly the type of athlete we want to highlight for Beyond the Jersey. Our focus is to feature the hard work and dedication it takes to be a Canadian athlete and inspire young people to strive to be their best in sport and the rest of their lives. Rachel’s path to success isn’t an easy one and her choice to attend post-secondary school while training for the Olympics is something that takes a lot of the hard-work and dedication we want to feature.”

At Beyond the Jersey, the company’s founder recognizes that strength and determination are among the many attributes that athletes like Rachel Honderich must possess in order to become successful professional athletes. Beyond the Jersey’s objective is to salute those individuals, and to share their stories with the world.

Brandon DiLuca, owner and founder of Beyond the Jersey’s Clothing Culture, paints Rachel’s zeal and commitment in an exemplary light.

“Rachel has the true ambition and mindset of someone who is destined to succeed. She really is striving to not only be the best in Canada but the best in the world and it is a message that all Canadians across the nation should hear and be inspired by.”

The company’s clothing designs are driven by a sports lifestyle, and the community outreach component of their program is an extension that embodies that. By aiming to send as many children as possible to various sporting events via collaboration with organizations like the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and KidSport Canada, Beyond the Jersey manages to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Rachel Honderich’s effect on the world of badminton, as a passionate and dedicated athlete, is equally admirable. Together, the two are a force to be reckoned with.


For more information contact: Sarah Miller, Badminton Ontario, cell (905) 749-0361 or e-mail

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