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Podium Finishes for Ontario Badminton Athletes at 2023 Junior Pan Am Championships

Asher Bedi, Emma Meng, Ares Zhou, Mengyao Tian, and Kaylee Wang golden in Lima

Badminton Ontario would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to all the Ontario athletes who were selected to represent Canada to compete in the recent 2023 Pan Am Junior Championships.

The event, hosted by Badminton Pan America, the continental federation for badminton in the Americas, was held in Lima, Peru from July 13-21, and featured both a team and an individual competition. Four age categories (U13, U15, U17, U19) were contested in the individual competition with over 300 participants representing 20 countries.

A total of 43 Ontario athletes made up the 53-player Canadian contingent, showcasing the province’s strong history of representation on the national team and in international competitions.

The team event kicked things off in Peru, with Team Canada posting a clean 15-0 match record in the Group B round robin, which included Mexico, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. They went on to defeat Peru 3-0 in the semi-finals before finishing with a silver after a decidedly tough 3-0 loss to Team USA in the finals.

Team Canada Roster – Team Event (U19)

Chloe Choi (ON)
Asher Bedi (ON)
Jasmine Shi (ON)
Michael Ji (ON)
Emily Xia (ON)
Timothy Lock (ON)
Joanna Xu (AB)
Austin Mao (ON)
Alena Yu (AB)
Kevin Wang (ON)

The individual championships were highlighted by Emma Meng’s double crown in U17 girls singles and U17 mixed doubles with partner Ares Rongpeng Zhou. Zhou also earned a silver in the U17 boys doubles with partner Liam Zhang. Asher Bedi captured gold in U17 boys singles while Mengyao Tian was a double medalist with a gold in U17 girls doubles with partner Kaylee Sichen Wang and a silver in the U17 girls singles event. Rounding out the finalists were Katie Lau & Lyric Su with a silver in U17 girls doubles and Kevin Wang & Timothy Lock with a silver in U19 boys doubles.

Emma Meng & Ares Rongpeng Zhou – U17 mixed doubles champions

A number of Canadian athletes made it to the semi-finals in their respective events, including:

      • Edison Ming Yi Li & Ziming Max Wang – U13 boys doubles

      • Ben Kai Wang & Aris Zhu – U13 boys doubles

      • Spring Guo & Sarah Liu – U13 girls doubles

      • Abigail Lam & Chloe Li – U13 girls doubles

      • Shaurya Gullaiya & Kevin Yang – U15 boys doubles

      • Olivia Gao & Sylvia Yuqing Mei – U15 girls doubles

      • Susanna Wang & Fulgencia Simmons Zhang – U15 girls doubles

      • Matthew Yu – U17 boys singles

      • Katie Lau – U17 girls singles

      • Oliver Chen & Matthew Yu – U17 boys doubles

      • Timothy Lock – U19 boys singles

      • Alena Yu – U19 girls singles

      • Emily Xia & Jasmine Shi – U19 girls doubles

      • Alena Yu & Joanna Xu – U19 girls doubles

    Team Canada Rosters – Individual

    U13 Girls
    U15 Girls
    U17 Girls
    U19 Girls
    Altiah Bedi (ON)
    Spring Guo (ON)
    Abigail Lam (ON)
    Chloe Li (ON)
    Sarah Liu (ON)
    Brindha Bharathi Raja (ON)
    Olivia Gao (BC)
    Cinra Mei (NS)
    Sylvia Yuqing Mei (BC)
    Susanna Wang (ON)
    Rosey Yin (ON)
    Fulgencia Simmons Zhang (ON)
    Katie Lau (ON)
    Emma Meng (ON)
    Taruja Pathmarajah (ON)
    Lyric Su (ON)
    Mengyao Tian (ON)
    Kaylee Sichen Wang (ON)
    Allison W. Cheng (ON)
    Chloe Choi (ON)
    Jasmine Shi (ON)
    Emily Xia (ON)
    Joanna Xu (AB)
    Alena Yu (AB)
    U13 Boys
    U15 Boys
    U17 Boys
    U19 Boys
    Carsten S. Hay Choi (ON)
    Edison Ming Yi Li (ON)
    Victor Ma (QC)
    Iris Yuchen Mei (BC)
    Sheldon Shu (ON)
    Ben Kai Wang (AB)
    Max Ziming Wang (ON)
    Aris Zhu (AB)
    John Fu (ON)
    Shaurya Gullaiya (ON)
    Kyle Yatfung Le (ON)
    Aayush Saha (ON)
    Michael Zubin Sun (ON)
    Kevin Yang (ON)
    Ethan Yuen (ON)
    Stanley Rui Yang Zhang (ON)
    Asher Bedi (ON)
    Oliver Chen (ON)
    Maxwell Peng (ON)
    Jerry Yin (ON)
    Matthew Yu (ON)
    Liam Zhang (ON)
    Ares Rongpeng Zhou (ON)
    Daniel Leung (ON)
    Michael Ji (ON)
    Raymond Ruizhou Li (AB)
    Timothy Lock (ON)
    Austin Mao (ON)
    Kevin Wang (ON)

    The full list of results for the individual competition and the team competition can be found on the Badminton Pan Am website.

    On the horizon for these young high performance athletes are the 2023 BWF World Junior Badminton Championships, which will be held in Spokane, Washington, USA from September 25 to October 8.

    About Badminton Pan America
    The Badminton Pan American Confederation (BPAC) is the governing body of badminton in the Americas and is recognized as such by the World Badminton Federation. It was founded in 1976 and is currently composed by 37 member associations.


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