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Pathways to Umpire Certification

Officiating at any level provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills, meet like-minded Badminton enthusiasts and give back to the sporting community. The following steps outline the learning and testing pathway to achieving progressive certification as an Umpiring Official with Badminton Ontario.

Certification levels available through Badminton Ontario include:

  • Umpire in Training
  • Regional Umpire
  • Provincial Umpire

Certification as a National Umpire is available through Badminton Canada to qualified Provincial Umpires. Details of the learning and testing requirements are under the jurisdiction of Badminton Canada.

Level 1 – Umpire in Training
(Pre-requisite: None)

Steps to Certification as an Umpire in Training

  • Study the Officials’ Handbook provided by Badminton Ontario
  • Focus is on the Laws of Badminton, and responsibilities of the various officials
  • Attend a training clinic conducted by a National Umpire.
  • Clinics can be arranged upon request at various tournament venues
  • Successfully complete a written test of your knowledge
  • The written test is administered immediately following the clinic, and results will be provided on the same day!

Congratulations, you are now certified as an Umpire in Training 

As an Umpire in Training, you will be eligible to participate in the Umpire Mentoring and Training Program. The Umpire Mentoring and Training Program will provide opportunities for on-court exposure and practical experience at appropriate levels of difficulty under the immediate supervision of a certified Provincial or National Umpire. You will receive increasing levels of autonomy on court, as your competence and confidence increases. Feedback from your various mentors along with your general knowledge of the game of Badminton will determine your readiness to progress to certification as a Regional Umpire.

You can begin practicing immediately, following the training clinic and successful completion of the test. Where mentors are not readily available in your district, Badminton Ontario Umpire Checklists will allow you to practice under the watchful eye of a friend – who can provide feedback based on your performance relative to the checklist.

Level 2 – Regional Umpire
(Pre-requisite: Certification as an Umpire in Training)

Steps to certification as a Regional Umpire

  • Participate in the Umpire Mentoring and Training Program to obtain on-court training with scorekeeping, court management and other various umpiring duties
  • Practice at your own club and district events, using Badminton Ontario Umpiring Checklists and score sheets to become familiar with the basics of umpire duties on court
  • Umpire under supervision at Badminton Ontario events as arranged with a National Umpire through Badminton Ontario
  • The tournaments are selected and approved by the National umpire in order to provide opportunities to learn the skills within your comfort zone without being intimidated by the speed and level of the matches.
  • The number of practice and supervised matches needed to become proficient will depend on your comfort level with the umpiring process, tournament practices and general badminton knowledge.
  • Continue to increase your on-court umpiring competency and proficiency through active experience umpiring at larger events alongside Regional+ Umpires
  • A minimum of 30 matches comprised of a balanced cross-section of events and age categories at the district level
  • This process may take up to 1 year (depending on both your knowledge of badminton, accumulation of experience and confidence level)
  • Maintain a Record of Experience
  • This record is signed by the Tournament Referee or Head Umpire at each event at which you officiate, documenting your increasing proficiency
  • Study the Umpire Evaluation Checklist (link coming soon) provided by Badminton Ontario
  • The evaluation checklist can be obtained from your mentor or a Regional Umpire
  • Successfully complete the on-court evaluation for certification as a Regional Umpire, conducted by a National Umpire
  • If unsuccessful in your first evaluation, you will be provided with constructive feedback and additional opportunity to practice
  • Re-evaluation can be conducted at your request, following a minimum additional 3 practice tournaments.

Congratulations, you are now certified as a Regional Umpire.

As a Regional Umpire, you will be eligible to officiate at local, district and Regional events without supervision, and assume greater responsibility as you develop your leadership and communication skills on and off the court. Depending on your skills, you may also be identified by Badminton Ontario as a mentor for new Umpires in Training at a district level in order pass on your own experience within the growing umpire community. Continue to gain confidence and earn respect with active umpiring throughout the season. This will provide a solid foundation if you should choose to continue your development, and pursue certification as a Provincial Umpire.

Level 3 – Provincial Umpire
(Pre-requisite: Certification as a Regional Umpire)

Steps to certification as a Provincial Umpire

  • Pursue umpiring assignments with increasing levels of responsibility and difficulty in the competitive circuits within your Region.
  • Study the Officials’ Handbook provided by Badminton Ontario
  • In addition to the Laws of Badminton, you should now also focus on the Recommendations to Technical Officials
  • Request opportunity to umpire at Provincial Events under the supervision and mentorship of a National Umpire
  • In addition to extensive experience already gained as a Regional Umpire, a minimum of 3 supervised Provincial Events is recommended in order to develop the necessary
  • confidence, competency and skill to officiate at the highly competitive Provincial level.
  • Study the Provincial Umpire Evaluation Checklist provided by Badminton Ontario
  • The evaluation checklist can be obtained from your mentor or National Umpire
  • Successfully complete the on-court evaluation for Provincial Umpire certification with a National umpire
  • Extensive experience gathered as a Regional Umpire, along with feedback provided at the supervised Provincial Events will contribute to a successful evaluation as a
  • Provincial Umpire.
  • Recommended experience includes up to 2 years of active umpiring in order to develop the competency and skill required to officiate at the Provincial level.
  • Successfully complete the written test administered by the National Umpire

Congratulations, you are now certified as a Provincial Umpire.

As a Provincial Umpire, you will be eligible to officiate at high-calibre, competitive tournaments and events throughout the province. Enjoy opportunities to meet other badminton enthusiasts both on and off the court, while supporting and giving back to the Badminton community.

Certification as a Provincial Umpire is a pre-requisite to pursuing certification as a Provincial Referee, as well as certification as a National Umpire with Badminton Canada. Individuals interested in pursuing Provincial Referee or National Umpire certification will receive additional coaching and mentoring from National Officials at Provincial events in order to prepare them for success with the next certification level.

List of Active Ontario Officials

Romeo AuYDBAUmpire
Shiva BaghaeeTDBAUmpire
Paul BestNOBAUmpireUmpire
John Zhao ChenTDBAUmpire In-Training
Adrian CheungYDBAUmpire
Cheng ChuangWOBAUmpireReferee
Ken ChungYDBAUmpire
John CreeWOBAUmpire (Retired)Referee
Lillian CreeWOBAUmpire (Retired)Referee
Adam CuiTDBAUmpire
Elizabeth DuongCOBAMatch Control
Julia DuquetteGBDBAMatch Control
Nouri GhaziTDBAPamAm UmpireUmpireUmpire
Yui K HoYDBAUmpire
Emily HoangYDBAMatch Control
Maryam KananiTDBAUmpire In-Training
Tak KwanYDBAUmpire
Ian LagdenWOBABWF Referee (Retired)RefereeReferee
Dennis LamYDBABWF Line JudgeUmpire
Evan LamTDBAUmpire
Danica LauYDBAMatch Control
Robert LauYDBAUmpireReferee
Linda LeeTDBAMatch Control
Mannix MaYDBAUmpire
Ajin MathewTDBAUmpire In-Training
Edward McGrathCOBAUmpireUmpire
Susan MussakowskiCOBARefereeReferee
Thuy PhamODBAUmpire
Wayne PonYDBAUmpire
Asokan SadasivanTDBAUmpireReferee
Zinat SoltaniTDBAUmpire In-Training
Fei TamODBAUmpire
Jolyon ThompsonCOBAPamAm UmpireRefereeReferee
William ThompsonWOBAUmpireReferee
Jean WongTDBAMatch Control
Min ZhaoODBAUmpire