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Call for Applications: Operations Coordinator

The Operations Coordinator is the provincial office staff person primarily responsible for the working closely with respective BON volunteer committees, host committees, Badminton Canada and multi- sport games staff, Work closely with Technical Director, the operations Coordinator ensures the timely planning and execution of all BON program.

Structure and Scope
Badminton Ontario is the provincial governing body for the sport of badminton in Ontario; its responsibility covers all aspects of the development and management of domestic and high-performance programming for the sport in Ontario. From its office in Toronto, all BON staff facilitate the achievement of the organization’s long-term vision and core values as identified in the association’s Strategic Plan. All staff are required to operate within the policies as established by the association’s volunteer Board of Directors and are expected to act consistently within the association’s values framework.

Badminton Ontario establishes and approves an annual operating budget that is made up of self-generated revenue (membership, competition fees, sponsorship, event management) and financial contributions from the Provincial Government and other related agencies. Programs and services are established within the framework of the approved budget, and the BON staff is accountable for the delivery and administrative support for programming priorities as well as the disbursement and reporting of funds according to contracted terms and conditions.

Job Description


  • Maintain tournament folders including all information relating to any BON sanctioned event.
  • Prepare tournament boxes.
    • Order and include medals and prizes for winners, and birds.
    • Include spare clipboard, pens, stickie notes, paper, printer, toner, court signs, floor tape, BON Backdrop, sponsor banners and podium banners, laptop, tape, extension cord, steamer, extra goggles, stopwatch.
    • Venue and hotel coordination as well as retailer/stringers
  • Work closely with the Technical Director on the following:
    • Address inquiries on registration, entry status, manage changes, etc.
  • Announce triple crown winners.
    • Post podium photos and other action shots to facebook page
    • Review winners with clubs for banner race – add up points
    • Keep track of club points in excel sheet up and update website after each sanctioned event.
    • Collect tournament report from draw desk person and count number of shuttles used to include in tournament report and budget.
    • Collect and submit all tournament related expense sheets/invoices.
    • Create and update tournament budget sheet, including all related expenses and file in the tournament folder.


  • Board and Committee Meetings
    • Create doodle polls to select meeting dates
    • Schedule and coordinate GoToMeeting requests to ensure no overlap
    • Send reminder and prepare any necessary documents to circulate prior to the meetings
    • Attend and take notes
  • Annual General Meeting
    • Schedule, coordinate room requirements and catering, and overnight guests, take minutes and have # of votes allowed counted prior to meeting.
    • Prepare Notice of AGM and remind Districts/Board on reporting submission.
    • Reminder Notice of AGM and prepare any necessary documents/forms/reports.
    • Schedule and coordinate social badminton play session on the Friday night.

Special Events

  • Awards Banquet
    • Schedule, coordinate room requirements (no. of seats, décor, projector requirements), food selection and pricing.
    • Produce poster, tickets, special invites and general event theme for promotion.
    • Gather items and donations for door prizes.
    • Order and pick-up Club Banner, awards, certificates and frames and other gifts for winners
    • Prepare awards presentation and schedule of events.
    • Arrange MC and review presentation & SOE

Grants and Reporting

  • Ontario Amateur Sport Fund (OASF)
    • Work closely with the Executive Committee on the following:
      • Sport Recognition Application
      • Renewal application research and reporting including keeping track of reporting requirements over the year via tournament documents and reports, affiliation, and insurance records, etc.
      • Interim reporting
  • Ontario Sport Hosting – or other special grants of similar nature
    • Work closely with the president
      • Review Guidelines and Timelines for the various grant opportunities
      • Apply for and coordinate meetings, following up with ministry requirements
      • Pay attention to post-event reporting requirements to gather data/pics to support the reporting process
      • Post-event reporting and follow-up with grant institution
  • Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP)
    • Work closely with the President on the following:
      • Update regulations, if required, and according to motion passed at AGM, and confirm they work with ministry guidelines
      • Calculate athlete points for nominations using international events and BON Q4G guidelines, and post to website by deadline
      • Contact nominations and collect applications before deadline
      • Announce recipients on website


  • Phone calls and general emails
  • Website upkeep – event and news posting, club listing updates.
  • Social Media
    • Maintain social media sites and alternative online products such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MailChimp etc.
    • Includes uploading events and photos, creating email templates and managing subscriptions for email service.
  • Attend SAO and Sport4Ontario (and other organization) meetings and special events.
  • Ensure employee benefits and insurance paperwork is up to date.
  • Order office supplies


  • Invoice to vendors
  • Work closely with the bookkeeper and Director of Finance & Admin on the following:
    • Process invoices received for cheque processing including scanning and documenting receipt, matching receipts to statements and expense forms, filing cheque stubs, and maintain alphabetized finance file box
    • Maintain accurate deposit sheets for cheques received


Update and maintain the data in the PlayerWeb

  • New member registration/card production/mailing
  • Maintain up to date database of individual members and clubs including gender and role breakdown for grant reporting.
  • Maintain up to date database of club affiliation and insurance information.
  • Address general inquiries from members
  • Ensure that affiliated clubs are accurately marked in both the PlayerWeb and Tournament Software systems for membership renewal on an annual basis.
  • Ensure that any update to membership information is posted on the website and circulated to the Districts.
  • Assist District Representatives with access and management of their district club and member data


  • Submit accurate records to insurance co. for calculating insurance premiums.
  • Ensure insurance agreement encompasses coverage requirements of the membership.
  • Maintain insurance tally

Publications on the Website

  • Sponsor ads and invoicing
  • Layout, photo sourcing and insertion of holidays and event dates
  • Updating any policies, and other relevant information.
  • Posting of news articles, event details, etc.

Other Duties as assigned

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to by July 13th, 2022.
Start Date TBD
Salary TBD


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