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NCCP Certification Pathway

Badminton Ontario (and Badminton Canada) events require minimum badminton coaching certification before individuals may apply for accreditation to coach on court. Taking clinics to become certified are also a great way to learn new things and improve your overall coaching perspective.

Requirements for Ontario Accreditation

To coach at sanctioned Ontario tournaments and events, coaches must have the appropriate level of certification, completed the Respect in Sport module for Activity Leaders, and completed a Police Record Check for vulnerable sectors in order to renew their Ontario Accreditation annually. More information may be found under the Coaching Policy section

The minimum age requirement for an individual to take either an NCCP workshop or module is 14 years old. This is both a Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) policy and a Badminton Canada policy. It is also the CAC policy that no one under the age of 16 can be
certified as a coach in the NCCP. The age requirement polices are in place to ensures a productive and age-appropriate learning environment for all participants.

Should a Learning Facilitator or member submit a NCCP event into the CAC Locker for Badminton Ontario’s approval with someone under the required age, the event will not be approved. The underaged individual will be required to retake the workshop or module again after they turn the appropriate age.

Coach Development Pathway

Benefits of Certifications

Shuttle Time – gives you access to knowledge and resources to implement a badminton program within a school setting. Great for teachers!

Regional certified – required to be permitted to coach on-court at Badminton Ontario events and Badminton Canada Elite Series tournaments

Provincial trained – eligible to coach a district team at the Ontario Winter Games.

Provincial certified – required to be permitted to coach on-court at the Badminton Canada National Championships.

Competition-Development certified – eligible to coach a provincial/territorial team at the Canada Games as well as coaching internationally with National Team athletes.

Practice & Competition Evaluations

To complete a certification, it is required to pass a practice and/or competition evaluation with one of our coach evaluators.

There is an evaluation fee for each level of the coaching pathway. This fee varies based on the level of the evaluation.

If you are looking to receive a practice and/or competition evaluation to complete your certification, please contact the Director of Coaching, Kristina Hall <hallkristina84@gmail.com> to setup an evaluation. (Can be done in person or via video submission.)

Tips to improve your video submission:

  • When speaking with your group, come closer to the camera (or if possible, get someone to free-cam, or use a microphone). If the audio is not loud enough, and we cannot make out what you are saying, you may be asked to re-submit the video.
  • Ensure the angle covers the main coaching area. If using more than one court, ensure the camera covers the space used, we need to see you in action as a coach.
  • Try to minimize outside noise. If possible, run it when the courts/club are not busy, otherwise, ensure that the audio will be loud enough to hear you.