During the COVID-19 state of emergency period, Badminton Ontario will be operating on reduced hours. If needed, please contact via email.

Learning to Win

It was identified that Badminton as a sport required an additional stage to our LTAD model. Learning to Win addresses the need for athletes wishing to pursue the path of full time badminton as a career or in the pursuit of the International stage. This stage also allows for a more seamless transition into the Training to Win stage of LTAD. Athletes are still receiving their off court, on court and on court competition simulation from their clubs and schools at this stage in our LTAD. Badminton Ontario’s primary role in this stage is competition through:
  • Black Knight Junior (A) High Performance Tournament Series
  • Victor Adult Open Tournament Series
Training to Competition ratio:
  • 15% off court training,
  • 25% on court training
  • 40% on court competition simulation
  • 20% real competition.

Adult Open Series

As a second part of our LtoW program, Badminton Ontario offers our members the Adult Open Series. This series attracts top Junior (A) HP players looking for higher competition, top adults from Colleges and Universities, and returning professional players and young coaches from overseas programs. This series of events gives athletes a completely different competitive atmosphere from the Junior programs they progressed through, allowing them to gain experience and confidence among stronger, older and more experienced athletes. It also gives high level competition to adults wishing to remain competitive as their continue their pursuits Nationally and Internationally, while training 3-7 days a week. To access the full Canadian Badminton Long Term Athlete Development handbook, click here.