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FAQ & Resources

Coaching FAQ

1. What is the Coaching Accreditation Card for, and do I need one?

Allows coaches to coach on court at Badminton Ontario sanctioned tournaments. Coaches only need to purchase a Coaching Accreditation Card if coaches plan to coach on court at Badminton Ontario sanctioned tournaments.


2. What are the credentials required to purchase a Coaching Accreditation Card?

To coach at any Badminton Ontario sanctioned tournaments, coaches must have at the very least a Regional Certified coaching status.

In addition, a Police Records Check needs to be completed. The club can email Badminton Ontario that a PRC has been completed. Please do not send in the actual PRC. PRCs can be obtained through a Sterling Background Check (view below). Back checks must be up-to-date (renewed every two years).

In addition, the completion of the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders e-module must be complete and up to date. It can be completed by visiting this link:  https://badmintoncanada-al.respectgroupinc.com/.  Once complete, please confirm your completion with Jean Wong via email at jean.wong@badmintonontario.ca

3. How can I obtain a Police Record Check?

Badminton Ontario requires the successful completion of the Enhanced Criminal Record Check for those coaches who apply for a Badminton Ontario Coaching Card. This can now be completed online with Sterling Backcheck at a cost of $25.00 plus taxes (total $28.25). The PRCs will be valid for at least two years with Badminton Ontario before having to renew. Coaches still need to be at Regional Certified Status to apply for the Badminton Ontario Coaching Accreditation Card.

The PRC can be shared with other sports organizations that you may decide to be involved with in the future as Sterling Backcheck services many Canadian Sports Organizations. Badminton Canada is looking into Sterling Backcheck this year.

Registration Link: https://www.sterlingtalentsolutions.ca/landing-pages/b/badminton-ontario/

4. How do I get a coaching accreditation card?

All coaches must register and pay for their coaching accreditation card via the Badminton Canada Tournament Software portal.

To create an account, follow this link: http://badminton.ca/member/createorganizationaccount.aspx?id=109053C1-3EB9-4B13-866F-E906C6054443.

To renew a membership, follow this link and login: https://badmintoncanada.tournamentsoftware.com/member/login.aspx?returnurl=%2f

Coaches should allocate at least two weeks for their accreditation application to process.  If a coach wishes to coach at a certain event, they should have all of the above mentioned requirements completed at least two weeks prior to the start of the tournament otherwise accreditation may not be issued. 

5. Are my coaching credentials obtained from outside of Canada transferable into Canada?

Unfortunately, the credentials are not recognized in Canada, since the NCCP is a Canadian program. CAC has no way of validating the course content from outside of Canada, and the NCCP has its own course content regarding Ethics, and how badminton is taught. There is also insurance issued with Coaching Accreditation Cards in some provinces based upon the Ethical Standards and Coaches Code of Conduct taught in the NCCP courses.

International Coaches who are visiting may apply for a temporary Coaching Accreditation Card by submitting a copy of their formal Coach Training to the Badminton Ontario Coaching Committee (BOCC). The International Coach must also register with the CAO and take the Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation as a minimum. The BOCC will advise the International Coach after receiving the application.

Resources for Coaches

External Partner Links

Badminton Coaching Essentials Manual

This is an LTAD based Manual that is driven by modules, rather than levels. Member price: $50 Non-member price: $60

Coaching Strategies DVD’s

A must have for teachers, these DVD’s are perfect for new coaches. Developed by Canadian Master Coach Edith Hayman, the DVD’s are packed with important information that shows you how to deliver it to your athletes.

  • DVD #1 Universal Grip, Overhead contact point, Underhand clear with deep lunge, High singles forehand serve, Short backhand serve, Net kill, Overhead clear from mid-court, The ‘killer’ drop, Smash from mid-court, Net play – Learning racquet control, Court movement skills, Basic tactics for singles play, Basic tactics for doubles play, Fun games for all – Loker challenge and around the world, Picking a team.
  • DVD #2 Face jamming drives, Basic smash, Three smash returns, Intercept clear, Flying ‘attacking’ net kill intercept, Net play control – cross-court net returns, Backhand ‘killer’ drop, Around the head clear, Back hand ‘drive’ serve and ‘flick’ serve, Tactics for Inter- mediate Doubles play and more.

You can purchase both DVD’s at $50 each.  Or you can purchase the DVD’s at $25 each if purchased with the Essentials manual. The Essentials manual was developed in part by Edith Hayman. For more info, contact Badminton Ontario at info@badmintonontario.ca.