BON Coach Accreditation Card

Coach Accreditation Card

The Badminton Ontario coach accreditation card identifies coaches that have achieved the minimum standard in coaching, giving them access to coach on court at provincial and national level events in addition to other perks.

How to acquire a BON coach accreditation card?

To be eligible to purchase a BON coach accreditation card a coach must have completed the following:

  • Have a Badminton Ontario membership
  • Be a NCCP Regional-CERTIFIED badminton coach
  • Have a valid certificate from completing the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders e-module
  • Have completed a valid Police Record Check

Once the above are completed, you can purchase an accreditation card through PlayerWeb.

The minimum age requirement for an individual to take either an NCCP workshop or module is 14 years old. This is both a Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) policy and a Badminton Canada policy. It is also the CAC policy that no one under the age of 16 can be certified as a coach in the NCCP. The age requirement polices are in place to ensures a productive and age-appropriate learning environment for all participants.

Should a Learning Facilitator or Member submit a NCCP event into the CAC Locker for Badminton Ontario’s approval with someone under the required age, the event will not be approved. The underaged individual will be required to retake the workshop or module again after they turn the appropriate age.

Benefits of purchasing a BON coach accreditation card

  • Become part of a collective of Ontario coaches to advocate as a united voice  for BON coaching
  • Receive regular updates and coaching news via coaching newsletter
  • Opportunity to coach on-court at provincial tournaments
  • Eligible for annual coaching awards
  • Eligible for selection of key coaching positions (for events like the Canada Winter Games)
  • Participate in BON projects funded by the Sport Development Fund
  • 15% off coaching courses hosted by BON
  • Discounts on admission to certain national and international tournaments

How can I obtain a Police Record Check?

Badminton Ontario requires the successful completion of the Enhanced Criminal Record Check for those coaches who apply for a Badminton Ontario Coach Accreditation card. This can be completed online with Sterling Backcheck. The PRCs will be valid for two years with Badminton Ontario before having to renew.

Registration link:

Coaches should allocate at least two weeks for their accreditation application to process. If a coach wishes to coach at a certain event, they should have all of the above mentioned requirements completed at least two weeks prior to the start of the tournament otherwise accreditation may not be issued.

How do I complete the Respect in Sport e-module?

To complete the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders e-module, this can be done by visiting:

Once complete, please confirm its completion with the Badminton Ontario staff at