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NCCP – National Coaching Certification Program


There are two avenues to start your coach training. The first is with the Coaching Association of Ontario (CAO), and the second is directly with Badminton Ontario. Each avenue requires a coach to complete Theory courses, and both avenues merge into one avenue for the Technical & Tactical course and evaluation. Coaches will start with the Theory, Technical, and Evaluations for Regional Coach (former Level 1) before starting Provincial Coach (former Level 2) * Transfer of old NCCP to new NCCP qualifications criteria: NCCP Equivilencies.xls REGIONAL (Former Level 1) Regional Trained Status: Making Ethical Decisions + Teaching & Learning + Planning a Practice + MED Online Evaluation + Technical & Tactical  Regional Certified Status: Regional Trained Status + Regional Portfolio + On Court Observation Regional Portfolio = submission of Emergency Action Plan and Practice Plan prior to On Court Observation running a practice Theory can be completed with CAO or Badminton Ontario >> via CAO:
  1. Create an account with the CAO (https://www.coachesontario.ca/)
  2. Register for these courses listed under NCCP Training > Competition Development
    1. Teaching & Learning  (brought down from former Level 2 Theory to Regional (former Level 1)
    2. Planning a Practice
    3. MED Making Ethical Decisions
    4. MED Making Decisions Online Evaluation
      1. goto www.coach.ca
      2. click on the Locker icon on the top right side
      3. login with your NCCP Number and password
      4. click elearning icon at the top
      5. click MED Online Evaluation (highlighted in blue) which says “Training to Compete”
      6. You may proceed with the course if you see the message “You have the required training to take this evaluation free of any fees
>> via Badminton Ontario:
  1. Look on the Badminton Ontario website for the Theory courses which are called Modules
    1. Module 1 – Planning a Practice (4hrs)
    2. Module 2 – Teaching and Learning / Making Ethical Decisions (6hrs) (Ethics is 2 hours / Teaching and Learning is 4 hours)
  2. Register for the Module in the link provided when they are posted
 Module 3 – Regional Technical &Tactical:
    1. Look on the Badminton Ontario website for the Technical & Tactical course called Module 3 (8hrs)
    2. Register for the Module in the link provided
Evaluation (Trained to Certified):
    1. Successful completion of all the Theory courses regardless of avenue chosen and successful completion of Module 3 is required to move to the Evaluations.
    2. Practice coaching implementing the Theory and Technical components until one feels competent to pass the Evaluation
    3. Complete a Practice Plan for your on court exam.
      1. The Lesson Plan template is here > LESSON PLAN – TEMPLATE.docx
      2. A Sample Lesson Plan is here > sample Lesson plan.docx
    4. Complete an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) using the information learned in Planning a Practice.
      1. The Emergency Action Plan Template is here > Emergency Action Plan Template.doc
    5. Submit both the Practice Plan and EAP to a Learning Evaluator (LE). The LE may ask for subsequent changes to your first submissions to meet CAC standards.
    6. Complete and pass an on-court evaluation with a Learning Evaluator.
      1. The On Court evaluation criteria is available here > REGIONAL COACH – EVALUATION.docx
      2. Coaches must prepare to instruct one skill covered in Module 3 (serve, clear, drop…) with drills and incorporate hand or racquet feeding as appropriate. Coaches are not expected to provide students for the exams. Lesson Plans and EAPs must be submitted and approved prior to attendance of the on court exam. Please allow time for the Learning Evaluator to review the Lesson Plan and EAP to give feedback (minimum one week) prior to the On Court exam date. More information will be provided upon registration.
Certification Status:
“In Training” Status: Successful completion of any of the Theory courses in either avenue or completion of the Technical & Tactical Module 3
” Trained” Status: Successful completion of all Theory courses regardless of avenue choses, and successful completion of the Technical & Tactical Module 3
“Certified Status”: Successfull completion of the Evaluations.
PROVINCIAL (Former Level 2) Provincial In-Training Status: completion of Theory or Provincial Technical & Tactical (Module 5) Provincial Trained Status: completion of Theory and Module 5 Provincial Certified Status: Provincial Trained Status + Provincial Portfolio + On Court Observation coaching at a tournament
  • Theory can be taken via CAO or Badminton Ontario
    • CAO: Two courses: Basic Mental Skills, Design a Sports Program
    • BadOnt: both CAO courses are combined into one course called Module 4
  • Provincial Portfolio = Lesson Plan + Seasonal Plan + Manage a Program + video analysis (when avail)