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Coaching Manuals


Coaching Essentials Manual

This is an LTAD based Manual that is driven by modules, rather than levels. Member price: $50 Non-member price: $60

Coaching Strategies DVD’s

A must have for teachers, these DVD’s are perfect for new coaches. Developed by Canadian Master Coach Edith Hayman, the DVD’s are packed with important information that shows you how to deliver it to your athletes.

Basic index of what is covered in in DVD #1 Universal Grip, Overhead contact point, Underhand clear with deep lunge, High singles forehand serve, Short backhand serve, Net kill, Overhead clear from mid-court, The ‘killer’ drop, Smash from mid-court, Net play – Learning racquet control, Court movement skills, Basic tactics for singles play, Basic tactics for doubles play, Fun games for all – Loker challenge and around the world, Picking a team

Basic index of what is covered in DVD #2 Face jamming drives, Basic smash, Three smash returns, Intercept clear, Flying ‘attacking’ net kill intercept, Net play control – cross-court net returns, Backhand ‘killer’ drop, Around the head clear, Back hand ‘drive’ serve and ‘flick’ serve, Tactics for Inter- mediate Doubles play and more.

You can purchase both DVD’s at $50 each.  Or you can purchase the DVD’s at $25 each if purchased with the Essentials Coaching manual. The Essentials manual was developed in part by Edith Hayman.

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