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A1: What is the Coaching Card for, and do I need one?

Allows coaches to coach on court at Badminton Ontario Sanctioned Tournaments. Coaches only need to purchase a Coaching Card if coaches plan to coach on court at Badminton Ontario Sanctioned Tournaments. If coaches do not intend to attend Sanctioned Tournaments and only attend non-Sanctioned Tournaments, then the Coaching Card is not required.


A2: What are the credentials required to purchase a Coaching Card?

To coach at BadOnt Sanctioned tournaments, not including the Junior A or B Championships, then coaches need to be now “Trained” as of the 2015/2016 season.

To coach at BadOnt Sanctioned tournaments including the Junior A or B Championships, then coaches need to full Level 1 under the old NCCP or have “Trained” status under the new NCCP

In both cases above, a Police Records Check needs to be completed. The club can email BadOnt that a PRC has been completed. Please do not send in the actual PRC.

A3 How do I get a Coaching Card?

All coaches must submit the coaches membership fee online in their tournament software account that is linked to the Badminton Ontario system.

Instructions as below:

Option 1 – already have a Tournament Software Account

Since you already have a tournament software account that you have been using to sign up for tournament in the past, you will simply need to link your account to our new system.  Please follow the link for “link an existing account” at this webpage:http://www.badminton.ca/member/linkaccount.aspx

Once your account has been linked, you should select “General – Non ranking”.  After this is done there is a Coaches Membership assigned to your account that you may purchase online. 

We will then have the Director of Coaching verify that you have the appropriate NCCP Certification for the Coaches Membership.

Option 2 – do not have a tournament software account

If you do not already have a tournament software account, you may create one here: http://badminton.ca/member/createorganizationaccount.aspx?id=109053C1-3EB9-4B13-866F-E906C6054443

Please select Ontario and follow the previous instructions.



Are my coaching credentials obtained from outside of Canada transferable into Canada?

Unfortunately the credentials are not recognized in Canada, since the NCCP is a Canadian program. CAC has no way of validating the course content from outside of Canada, and the NCCP has its own course content regarding Ethics, and the how badminton is taught. There is also insurance issued with Coaching Cards in some provinces based upon the Ethical Standards and Coaches Code of Conduct taught in the NCCP courses.

International Coaches who are visiting may apply for a temporary Coaching Card by submitting a copy of their formal Coach Training to the Badminton Ontario Coaching Committee (BOCC). The International Coach must also register with the CAO and take Making Ethical Decisions, and Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation as a minimum. The BOCC will advise the International Coach after receiving the application.