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CAC Locker

B1. What is the Locker?

It is an online tool to allow people to view their own credentials or other peoples credentials. This program was implemented in the early 90’s to streamline coaching data by CAC (Coaching Association of Canada)

B2. How do I access my credentials or personal information on the Locker?

Go to www.coach.ca, “My Locker”, “Profile”, and login.

B3. I do not know my Locker password or CC#.

Contact coach@coach.ca with your email, full name, and DOB

B4. How can I view someone else’s Locker information to confirm their coaching credentials?

Go to www.coach.ca, click on the “public transcript” button on the top of the homepage, and enter in their CC# and last name.

B5. Why doesn’t the practical hours reflected in the Locker correspond to the actual date completed?

The practical hours are entered as a component of the Technical course. If you took your Technical course on April 25, 2012, and then completed your practical hours in 2014, your Locker will reflect that your Technical and Practical components were completed on April 25, 2012. The practical hours still need to be signed off with accurate dates to show that they were completed sometime after the Technical and Theory components were completed.