During the COVID-19 state of emergency period, Badminton Ontario will be operating on reduced hours. If needed, please contact via email.


Official Equipment Sponsor

Badminton Ontario and Black Knight Enterprises LTD are pleased to announce a new partnership that will see Black Knight Enterprises LTD be the Official Equipment Supplier for Badminton Ontario. Black Knight supports Badminton Ontario with shuttles, rackets, string, grips, apparel, prizes and much more. Black Knight was founded in Vancouver in 1976, by racquet sport enthusiasts with a true commitment to the development and support of the sports they loved. Whether through product development or in the events and activities we have created and fostered, we prefer to lead through innovation. Over the years we have been first to market with many key developments in squash and badminton such as full graphite shafts, true one-piece graphite racquets, wide body frames, inverted racquet heads, 67 and 68 cm racquet lengths in badminton, graphite/aluminum hybrids, TurboFlex shafts, high tension frames, the Control 2000 speed adjustment system, TUF Grip, Power Channel, VibraPlate, the Knight Trainer, Magnum oversize frames in squash and badminton, and more. (Sourced Blackknight.ca)

For More Information Please Visit: 
Web: http://blackknight.ca/