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Badminton Ontario Coaching Policy Change

Effective immediately in preparation for the 2021-2022 competition season

Over the last number of years, the minimum coaching certification required to coach on court at Badminton Ontario events has been to have the Regional Coach “trained” status. The trained status refers to someone that has taken the 3 coaching modules for the Regional Coach certification.

In an effort to encourage coaches to continue their coach education, and to have them complete the Regional Coach certification, Badminton Ontario has decided to change the minimum requirement to coach on court for Badminton Ontario events. All coaches that wish to receive a coaching accreditation card must have achieved a minimum of the Regional Coach “Certified” status (in addition to the other current requirements). This means that a coach must have completed all 3 coaching modules for the Regional Coach certification and have passed the coach evaluation after the module completion. If you are unfamiliar with the steps to complete the evaluation, please visit the Coaching info page.

We believe that this change will positively impact the coach landscape, and help improve the overall quality of our badminton coaches in Ontario.

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