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Badminton Ontario Account Renewal

Badminton Ontario Account Renewal:

Visit and click on the red “Login” button on the top right.

Log into your account using your Login name and password when you created your account.

Once logged in, you will see the following notices in the overview section prompting you to renew your existing memberships. 
Simply click on the black “renew” button. 

Review membership details. Proceed to next step by clicking on the “renew this membership” button.














Review membership details and the Terms & Conditions.

Proceed to online payment.  
Payment may be done by logging into your Paypal Account when prompted.  

Or as a guest with your Visa or Mastercard by selecting:

Once completed, you will be redirected back to your account profile.

You should receive a confirmation email from Paypal with payment details – keep this for your records.