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Badminton Ontario held its annual general meeting and awards night this past weekend in Toronto. Along with the formal business of the association, it was also the opportunity to celebrate the successes of our athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers from the past season – their tireless effort and commitment to the sport in Ontario is a testament to the continued health and future success of the sport.

At the Annual General Meeting, the membership engaged in two full days of dialogue and planning. As well, through the formal election process, the Badminton Ontario Board of Directors was determined for the 2015/16 season. Some of the highlights of the weekend’s discussion include:

· A review and adjustment of the Badminton Ontario Bylaws to implement a governance model that will better meet the needs of the association and the districts. This involved a restructuring of the Badminton Ontario Board of Directors. As part of this restructuring, the District Presidents agreed to remove themselves from the Board going forward (they were included as Board members in the 2014 structure due to some short term governance requirements).

· A healthy discussion on the state of technical programming within Badminton Ontario (competition structure and management, the state of Officials development, matters pertaining to Coaching certification) – much of this discussion will be reflected in outcomes presented in formal documentation to the membership over the next few months.

· A presentation by the Sport Consultant from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. While Badminton is a sport with great potential for engagement in Ministry programming, Badminton Ontario has the challenge over the next 12 months to determine appropriate programming pathways that can best position the sport for growth and funding support from the Ministry.

· An understanding from the membership of the need to engage in healthy discussion regarding the renewal of the Badminton Ontario Strategic Plan for 2016 and beyond. There will be a series of consultations throughout the upcoming year, with the goal of presenting a new Strategic Plan to the membership for approval at the 2016 AGM.

· The presentation of unaudited financial results for the 14/15 period. Pending a final audit, Badminton Ontario remains in a stable financial position. However, with the strong possibility of significant changes to the government’s funding priorities beginning in 2016, Badminton Ontario must re-consider its business model into the future in order to remain in a healthy fiscal state.

· Through election, the membership confirmed the Badminton Ontario Board of Directors for 2015-16. The Board consists of the following individuals:

o President – Ian Moss (Ottawa) (Term to 2017)

o Past President – Jeff Goldsworthy (Kitchener) (Term to 2017)

o Vice-President – Dave Kumar (Burlington) (Term to 2016)

o Director of Coaching – Kevin Willington (Ottawa) (Term to 2016)

o Director at Large – David Vaillancourt (Toronto) (Term to 2017)

o Director at Large – Benedict Menachery (Quinte) (Term to 2017)

o Director of High Performance (vacant – Board to appoint)

o Director of Finance/Administration (vacant – Board to appoint)

o Director at Large (vacant – Board to appoint)

Badminton Ontario Awards:

The Badminton Ontario Board and District Presidents congratulate all the winners of the Badminton Ontario Awards for the 2014-15 season. A full list of award winners can be viewed at the following link:

Athletes of the Year:

Official of the Year:

Club Competitions Banner:

Keith Holland’s Award:

Presidential Award: Sylvain Coulombe

Coached of the Year:

Volunteers of the Year: Susan Ebata (COBA), Robin Binsted (GBDBA), Jim Duff (NOBA), Thuy Pham (ODBA), Louisa Tong (TDBA), Kristina Hall (WOBA)

The Badminton Ontario Board thanks everyone for a fulfilling and successful season in 2014-15 and we look forward to working with you toward further success in the upcoming season.

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