During the COVID-19 state of emergency period, Badminton Ontario will be operating on reduced hours. If needed, please contact via email.

Active Officials

List of Active Ontario Officials

Romeo AuYDBAUmpire
Shiva BaghaeeTDBAUmpire
Paul BestNOBAUmpireUmpire
John Zhao ChenTDBAUmpire
Adrian CheungYDBAUmpire
Cheng ChuangWOBAUmpireReferee
Ken ChungYDBABWF Line JudgeUmpire
John CreeWOBAUmpire (Retired)Referee
Lillian CreeWOBAUmpire (Retired)Referee
Adam CuiTDBAUmpire
Elizabeth DuongCOBAMatch Control
Julia DuquetteGBDBAMatch Control
Nouri GhaziTDBAPamAm UmpireUmpireUmpire
Yui K HoYDBAUmpire
Emily HoangYDBAMatch Control
Maryam KananiTDBAUmpire In-Training
Tak KwanYDBAUmpire
Ian LagdenWOBABWF Referee (Retired)RefereeReferee
Dennis LamYDBABWF Line JudgeUmpire
Evan LamTDBAUmpire
Danica LauYDBAMatch ControlMatch ControlMatch Control
Robert LauYDBAUmpireReferee
Linda LeeTDBAMatch Control
Mannix MaYDBAUmpire
Ajin MathewTDBAUmpire In-Training
Edward McGrathCOBAUmpireUmpire
Susan MussakowskiCOBARefereeReferee
Boom NilyokTDBAMatch Control
Thuy PhamODBAUmpire
Wayne PonYDBAUmpire
Asokan SadasivanTDBAUmpireReferee
Zinat SoltaniTDBAUmpire In-Training
Fei TamODBAUmpire
Jolyon ThompsonCOBAPamAm UmpireRefereeReferee
William ThompsonWOBAUmpireReferee
Jean WongTDBAMatch ControlMatch ControlMatch Control
Min ZhaoODBAUmpire