During the COVID-19 state of emergency period, Badminton Ontario will be operating on reduced hours. If needed, please contact via email.

Active for Life

Badminton Ontario provides programs for all ages and levels of athletes wanting to participate in the sport of badminton. Programs include:
  • Regional Competition
  • Summer Series

Masters Series

The Masters Series offers competition to members of all levels ages 35+. This series offers 8 age groups of competition: 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 for men and women.

Regional Competition

As an athlete graduates from our Junior Competition programs, and decide to focus on school or other goals in life, they are able to continue playing badminton in a fun and competitive atmosphere. This regional level of competition is also a great way for new players to enjoy a competitive atmosphere at their own level. You can view regional events on our events calendar.

Summer Series

The Summer Series is a collection of tournaments with a variety of skill and age levels that give athletes a chance to keep competing in the off-season. You can view the summer series on our events calendar. To access the full Canadian Badminton Long Term Athlete Development handbook, click here.