15.16 Season Membership Renewal Process


Important information about Badminton Ontario Membership
Changes to the membership renewal process for the 15.16 season. Please read in full.

Badminton Ontario is pleased to announce that beginning September 1st, 2015 all sales of Badminton Ontario Competition Cards for Athletes, Coaches, and Officials memberships will be available from the Badminton Canada website portal (www.badminton.ca – Click on Login to Renew or to create a new account). Membership cards will be effective beginning on September 1, 2015 and expire on August 31, 2016. It is not possible to prepay for your 2015-2016 cards, members must wait until September 1st. 2015

a) Any memberships that are created or renewed before September 1st will be terminated either by Badminton Canada or Badminton Ontario staff. This will be done so that the integrity of Badminton Ontario’s membership system is maintained.

b) For memberships that are inadvertently created during the transition period, the account owner will be notified via email by Badminton Ontario Staff. We are attempting to have all member accounts linked to their previous tournament software accounts.

c) If you have any questions, please contact the Badminton Ontario office at jean.wong@badmintonontario.ca.

d) If you have any technical issue with the Badminton Canada website portal before September 1st contact Badminton Canada Player Database and Ranking System staff at john_russell@rogers.com

How to Login

I would like to note that it is not required to log in with your existing account (if you have one) to start the new member signup process.

Since we preloaded some player information, and players may already own a standard account they used on www.tournamentsoftware.com there are a few possible scenarios that people may be in. The most common ones are described below.

1. People that are completely new players, or who have their information preloaded in the database (by John) but have no account, will always use the signup process once:http://badmintoncanada.tournamentsoftware.com/member/createorganizationaccount.aspx

2. People that have an existing account from our standard www.tournamentsoftware.com site, and also have their information preloaded in the database (by John) but have no Badminton Canada account yet, can use the account link process once: https://badmintoncanada.tournamentsoftware.com/member/linkaccount.aspx. Or they can create a separate account for their preloaded profile by following the signup process once: http://badmintoncanada.tournamentsoftware.com/member/createorganizationaccount.aspx

3. People that have a profile and account with Badminton Canada already and want to renew their membership, will log in to the website and choose a renewal option from the Profile -> Sport information tab of in their account.

Because people may not be aware that their profile and/or account is already in the Badminton Canada data, the signup process will always check if a profile with similar personal details exists. There are 3 possible situations they may encounter.

1. The signup process finds no profiles with details similar to the new player, and will let the new player continue signup uninterrupted.

The new player will set up their first membership and an account for their new profile. The player will be given a new Member ID by doing this.

2. The signup process finds a profile with details similar to the new player, and that profile has no account yet.

This is a situation where a member had a profile with a Member ID of ONXXXX; but this profile did not have an account.
It will interrupt the signup process to ask the new player if the profile it found belongs to them, and if they would like to continue signing up with that profile and preloaded Member ID.
If there are no active memberships for the profile it found, it will ask the player to set up their membership, otherwise it will skip over the membership step of the signup process.
Then finally it will ask the player to set up an account for this profile.

3. The signup process finds a profile with details similar to the new player, and that profile also already has an account.

This is the situation that Dave Kumar encountered as he already had a profile with member id ON1080. This profile also already had an account when he went through the signup process.

In this case the signup process is also interrupted, and the system will try to direct the player to log in with their account or recover a lost password for their account. After logging in they can then renew their membership from Profile -> Sport information if needed.

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