Canada Excels at 2016 Jr PanAm Championship

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Team Canada Crowned 2016 Junior Pan Am Champions in Peru.

Lima, Peru

July 18, 2016

Ottawa ON – It is with great pleasure we would like to congratulate Team Canada in winning the Pan Am Junior Team Event Championships in Lima yesterday. We are pride to announce, Team Canada was crowned champions once again this year beating Brazil 3-1.  


In the women’s singles category, rising star Ouyang Qingzi beat Samia Raquel Passos by a score of 21-6, 21-15, while in the men’s singles event, Ontario native Brian Yang defeated Jonathan Mathias 21-10, 21-13. In the women’s doubles event, the pair of Kylie Chengn / Jenna Wong overcame Elizabeth Moreira / Amanda Pinho Dos Santos by a score of 21-19, 12-21, 21-11. The men’s doubles event was won by the Brazilians Waleson Dos Santos / Fabricio Farias vs. Kevin Lee / Samuel Li by the score of 21-13, 13-21, 21-11.


Congratulations to the entire team!

Team Canada Roster:
Qingzi Ouyang (BC),
Alexandra Mocanu (QC).
Brian Yang (ON),
Kylie Cheng (BC),
Clement Chow (ON),
Katie Ho-Shue (ON),
Samuel Li (ON),
Giselle Chan (ON),
Kevin Lee (AB).
Erin O'Donoghue (AB),
Jenna Wong (BC).  

For more information on XXV Pan Am Junior Championships, please visit:


2016 XXV Pan Am Junior Individual & Team Championships Results in Lima, Peru!

Canadian juniors dominate the podium at Pan Am Junior Individual Championships!

Lima, Peru

August 1, 2016

Ottawa ON – Last week, ended the XXV Pan Am Championships Individual event in Lima, Peru. More than 550 athletes, family and coaches participated from across countries Pan America. The delegation came from as far as Brazil, Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Jamaica, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela. and the host nation of Peru.

Once again, thanks to experienced coaching by Michael Butler, our Canadian Junior athletes dominated the podium with impressive wins in all five events. Badminton Canada is very proud of every athlete who represented Canada at the Championships. In addition to winning the Team Event, we’re delighted to announce the following Pan Am Junior individual results:

WS- Qingzi Ouyang (BC)- 1st place
MD- Desmond Wang (AB)/Brian Yang (ON)- 1st place 
WD- Giselle Chan (ON)/Katie Ho-Shue(ON)- 1st place
XD- Brian Yang/Katie Ho-Shue (ON)- 1st place


MS- Brian Yang (ON)- 1st place
WS- Katie Ho-Shue (ON)- 1st place
WD- Angela Chen/Belle Tuen (ON)- 2nd place

WS- Sharon Au (ON)- 2nd place

Coach: Michael Butler

For more information on XXV Pan Am Junior Individual Championships, please visit:




Last Saturday July, 23, ended the XXV Pan Am Championships Individual event, at the facilities of the CAR of  La Videna, Lima- Peru. More than 550 persons among athletes, family, delegates, coachs and TOs came to Lima from different countries of our region. The games were played in 6 courts from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m from July, Tuesday 19 until July, Saturday 23 . The players came from Brazil, Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Jamaica, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela. and the host Peru.

The Results U19:

Boy´s  Singles :                                                                  Girl´s Singles :

  1. Cleyson Nobre Santos – BRA                              1. Quingzi Ouyang – CAN
  2.  Gokul Kalyanasundaram – IND                           2. Jennie Gay – USA


Boy´s  Doubles :                                                               Girl´s Doubles :

  1. Desmond Wang /Brian Yang – CAN                    1. Giselle Chan / Katie Ho-Shue – CAN
  2. Ricky Liuzhou / Cadmus Yeo – USA                    2. Jackeline Luz / Amanda Santos – BRA


Mixed Doubles :

  1. Brian Yang / Katie Ho-Shue – CAN
  2. Vinson Chiu / Jamie Hsiu – USA


U17 :

Boy´s Singles :                                                                   Girl´s Singles :

  1.  Brian Yang – CAN                                              1. Katie Ho-Shue – CAN
  2.  Cristopher Martinez- GUA                                  2. Jaqueline Maria Lima – BRA


Boy´s Doubles :                                                                   Girl-s Doubles :

  1. Bryce Kan / Ethan Low – USA                              1. Jaqueline Maria Lima / Samia Raquel Lima- BRA
  2. Erik Chang / Karthic Kalyanasundaram – USA     2. Angela Chen- Belle Tuen – CAN


Mixed Doubles :

  1. Fabricio Farias / Samia Raquel Lima – BRA
  2. Ricky Liuzhou / Johanna Liu – USA



Boy´s  Singles :                                                                       Girl`s Singles :

  1. Don Averia . USA                                                1. Lauren Lam . USA
  2. Tony Liuzhou – USA                                            2. Sharon Au . CAN


Boy´s Doubles :                                                                       Girl´s Doubles :

  1. Don Averia / Erik Duong – USA                            1. Karina Chan / Lauren Lam – USA
  2. Tony Liuzhou / Derek Tan . USA                          2. Nicole ju / Jackeline  Zhang – USA


Mixed Doubles :

  1. Gustavo Salazar / Ariana Airi Moromisato – PER
  2. Winston Tsai / Nicole Ju – USA


U13 :

Boy´s Singles                                                                        Girl´s Singles

  1. Siddhartha Javvaji – USA                                        1. Juliana Viana Vieira – BRA
  2. Andrew Wang – USA                                               2. Kalea Sheung – USA


Boy´s Doubles :                                                                      Girl´s Doubles

  1. Daniel Bielin / Siddhartha Javvaji – USA                 1. Netra Shetty / Jolie Wang- USA
  2. Adrian Mar / Brandon Wu – USA                             2. Natalie Chi / Kalea Sheung – USA


Mixed Doubles

  1. Andrew Yuan / Kalea Sheung – USA
  2. Andrew Wang / Jolie Wang – USA


U11 :

Boy´s Singles :                                                                        Girl´s Singles

  1. Wesley Chen – USA                                               1. Veronica Yang – USA
  2. Vasco Belmont Augusto- PER                                2. Savanna Lee –  USA


Boy´s Doubles :                                                                      Girl ´s Doubles

  1. Kai Chong / Alvin Ng – USA                                   1. Chloe Ho / Veronica Yang- USA
  2. Arjun Chatterjee / Weslie Chen – USA                   2. Tally Chomchey Rivera / Mirei Moromisato . PER


Mixed Doubles :

  1. Wesley Chen / Veronica Yang – USA
  2. Alvin Ng / Jaylyn Lee – USA


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