CWG Team Ontario Trials

2014/12/19 - 2014/12/21
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Address: E Badminton Club (100-B Duffield)
Registration Link:
Registration Fee: 75
Class: Team Ontario
Additional Requirements:

If you do not see your name in the players section and you have registered, please contact immediately



The tournament will be run over three days: 
Friday night 6pm: singles matches.
Saturday 9am: continue singles followed by doubles and mixed. If there is time, we will play semi-finals on Saturday night
Sunday 9am:  Finals 

Tournament Format:
We will run the tournament using round robin pools.  Depending the number of players entered into an event, we may have several pools, in which case either the top player/team or top 2 players/teams will move forward into a single elimination draw.  The single elimination draw will start either at the quarter-finals or semi-finals, again depending on the number of participants.  


2015 Canada Winter Games - Team Ontario Selection Criteria finalized on May 17, 2014, and further updated October 30, 2014

Due to low registration numbers for the original Trials dates and, therefore, an inability for Badminton Ontario to hold a fair Trials format, the Badminton Ontario Board had to postpone the Canada Games Trials and seek a new Trials date that could fit with the Ontario competition schedule and the timelines required for selecting a team. The updated information below refers to the new Trials dates and selection process.

DECEMBER 20-21st, 2014 @ E-BADMINTON CLUB (100-B Duffielde, Markham ON)


Badminton Ontario reserves the right to design the trials format in order to select the best athletes possible for the Canada Winter Games – as such, the format could include a combination of a round robin and draw (depending upon registration numbers). A detailed description of the format options will be published by Badminton Ontario no later than Friday, November 21st.
Badminton Ontario will ensure that the Trials are supported by an appropriate number of accredited Officials and tournament management staff.
Head Referee: TBD

Entry Deadline: Friday, December 12th @ 1700hrs EST. 
Entry Form: 
Entry Fee: $75.00 Payable to Badminton Ontario via PayPal only. 

i. Background: 

The Canada Winter Games (CWG) are held every four years. For the sport of Badminton, athletes selected to the Canada Games team will be from the “Training to Win (T2W)” athlete category, as per Badminton Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). The Canada Winter Games include both a Team Competition and an Individual Competition consisting of MS, LS, MD, WD, and MX. Canada Games regulations state that selected athletes can compete in a maximum of two individual events. 
Badminton Ontario has the responsibility to select a maximum of 5 male and 5 female athletes for the Canada Games Team.

At the 2011 Canada Winter Games, in Badminton, Team Ontario captured 6 medals, including gold in women’s singles, women’s doubles, and the Team event. 

The 2015 Canada Winter Games will be held February 13 to March 1, 2015, in Prince George, British Columbia. The Badminton competition will take place in the second week of the Games. 

For details on the 2015 CWG see:

Goal: To have Ontario team athletes peak for this event, have personal-best performances, medal in at least 3 individual events, and win the team gold. 

ii. Team Ontario Composition: 

. Five (5) male athletes, 23-years-old or under, as of Dec.31, 2015 (born in 1992 or later)
. Five (5) female athletes, 21-years-old or under, as of Dec.31, 2015 (born in 1994 or later)
. One (1) Manager, one (1) Coach (selected by Badminton Ontario)

iii. Badminton Ontario Selection Committee: 

The Selection Committee and selection process for the 2015 Canada Winter Games Badminton team is managed by Badminton Ontario; once a team is selected, athlete nominations are presented to the Ontario Sport Alliance for approval – ultimately, it is the Sport Alliance officials that finalise the official team for the Canada Winter Games.
The Badminton Ontario Selection Committee for the 2015 Canada Winter Games Badminton Team will consist of between 3 and 5 individuals nominated to the Committee by the Badminton Canada Board. Such individuals will have the technical expertise to review the results of the Trials and discuss the recommendations for team selection as presented by the Canada Games Coach. Badminton Ontario will ensure that all individuals selected to the Selection Committee have no conflict of interest in respect to athletes competing in the Trials, or in the running of the Trials themselves.
Badminton Ontario will finalise and publish the Selection Committee no later than Friday, November 21st, 2014.
The Selection Committee will meet to finalise the team selection on Monday, December 22nd. The recommendations will then be provided to the Badminton Ontario Board of Directors for final endorsement.
Badminton Ontario will endeavour to announce Canada Games Team Selections by no later than Wednesday, December 24th, 2014. If there is any delay in announcement, this will be relayed through information posted on the Tournament Software and Badminton Ontario website.
Role of the Canada Games Coach and Manager in the Selection Process:
The Canada Games Coach is responsible for managing and executing a successful Trials competitions as per the published regulations.
Upon completion of the Trials, the Canada Games Coach will provide athlete selection recommendations (and rationale) to the Selection Committee for their review and ultimate decision. While the Coach may be consulted by the Selection Committee on technical matters pertaining to the selection process, the Coach does not participate in the final selection process
Upon final team selection, the Canada Games Coach is responsible for determining team format, partnerships and individual athlete disciplines for competition, both prior to the competition and, as required, during the Games themselves. It should be noted that partnerships may be chosen based upon the ability to play as a team, not necessarily on personal ability/achievements. 
The Canada Games Team Manager is responsible for all administrative elements concerning the preparation for the team, both prior to the Games and on-site. The Team Manager does not participate in any element of team selection or the determination of partnerships and individual athlete event selection.

iv. Team Selection Criteria: 

Athletes will be selected based on the following guidelines: 

1) Eligibility: 

A. Eligible athletes include all male athletes born in 1992 or later, and all female athletes born in 1994 or later.
B. The Canada Games are open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents. 
C. The Canada Games are open to athletes who are members in good standing of their sport’s Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization. 
D. An athlete's permanent domicile or actual residence must be located, for at least the 180 days prior to the opening of the Games, within the recognized boundaries of the Province or Territory they are representing. An athlete can have only one domicile. 
E. An athlete attending school on a full-time basis outside his or her province or territory of permanent residence during the year of the Canada Games shall be permitted to compete for either their province or territory of permanent residence or the province or territory in which the athlete attends school. To be eligible to compete for the province/territory where the athlete attends school, the student must be enrolled on a full-time basis during the current academic year. 
F. An athlete who is training outside his or her province or territory of permanent residence may represent the province or territory in which they are training provided he or she can demonstrate a commitment to the province or territory she or he wishes to represent by: 

(i) Having been a member of a club or provincial/territorial sport organization in 
that province/territory for the entire previous or current competitive season.

- AND - 

(ii) Having represented that province or territory at an international, national or 
regional championship, 

- AND - 

(iii) Not having received direct development funding from their province or territory 
of permanent residence within a year of the opening of the Games, unless the 
funding jurisdiction provides permission for the athlete to compete for another 

- OR -

(iv) Other similar circumstances may be considered. 

G. An athlete is permitted to try out for any province or territory of eligibility but can only try out for one province or territory per sport (i.e. an athlete may try out for swimming for one province or territory but cannot try out for swimming in another province or territory, BUT, an athlete may try out for one province or territory in swimming, and may try out for another province or territory in diving). 

H. Athletes may only compete for one province or territory at a single Canada Games. Athletes may not compete in two sports at one Canada Games if they are scheduled in the same week. 

2. Canada Games Trials – Athlete Selection process:

Badminton Ontario will publish to Trials format no later than Friday, November 21st. Based on the Trials, athletes will be selected as follows:
a) Trials event winners will automatically be selected to the team. The following will comprise between two (2) to four (4) males and two (2) to four (4) females on the final Team roster:

. Men’s singles champion; 
. Women’s singles champion; 
. Women’s doubles champions; 
. Men’s doubles champions; and 
. Mixed doubles champions. 

b) The remaining one (1) to three (3) male roster spot(s) and one (1) to three (3) female roster spots will be selected based on top finishes (2nd, 3rd, or 4th place in each event in order of decreasing consideration for the team), and based on needs of the team. Consideration will be given based on the athlete’s ability in a doubles pairing, mixed doubles pairing and overall Team cohesion. 

Please note: other than for the doubles and mixed doubles event winners, an individual may be selected to the team, while their doubles or mixed doubles partner may not be selected (ie. In the case where an individual athlete has superior results than their partners in other events and/or their selection creates the best team match-up). 

c) The CWG Selection Committee (see “iii.Selection Committee”) will select and rank (in each discipline) (2) male alternates and two (2) female alternates from participants of the Canada Games Trials according to their results in the following events, listed in the order of priority: 
a. The Canada Games Trials. 
b. Badminton Canada National Elite Circuit Events held in the 2014 Calendar year. 
c. Badminton Canada National Junior Elite Circuit Events in the 2014 Calendar year. 
d. 2014 National Championships
e. 2014 National U19/U23 Junior National Championships 
f. 2014 Provincial Championships 
g. 2014 U19 Junior High Performance Provincial Championships 

d) In the case of injury arising after an athlete has been selected, but prior to departure for the CWG, Badminton Ontario reserves the right to revoke selection of the athlete if, in Badminton Ontario’s sole discretion, the athlete’s or team’s performance will be compromised. In this case the alternate would fill the position of the injured player. 

In the event that only one (1) male/female alternate fills the position of an injured 
team member, then this alternate will be selected based on their relative ranking (as 
determined according to section 4) compared to the other alternate in the discipline(s) 
that the injured player was strongest. 

Badminton Ontario will publish the team selection and rationale by no later than December 24th, 2014.

e). Athletes chosen to represent Ontario for badminton at the CWG2015 will be notified no later than December 24th, 2014. At this time an athlete may choose to accept or decline the invitation and must notify Badminton Ontario (through the Canada Games Coach or Manager no later than December 29th, 2014 of his/her decision. All athletes must sign a written agreement with Badminton Ontario which includes details on expected commitments. Commitments may or may not include athlete testing, team practices 
and sparring sessions, as well as team fundraising. Details will be provided in a contract at the 
time of signing. 

f) Selection Timeline 
-Winter 2014 Team Ontario Coach and Manager announced. 
-March 2014, Badminton Ontario invites athletes to participate in Talent ID/Development Camp. 
-May 2014, Badminton Ontario publishes CWG2015 qualifying criteria
-Spring/Summer/Fall 2014, Badminton Ontario offers training camps, in which some mandatory participation is required to be eligible for CWG2015 team. 
-December 20-21, 2014 – Canada Games Trials – E Badminton Club (Markham)
-December 24th, 2014 (latest) , Badminton Ontario Canada Games Selection Committee determines the final CWG2015 Team Ontario Roster , consisting of five (5) female athletes, five (5) male athletes, two (2) female alternates and two (2) male alternates. Roster to be published on the Badminton Ontario and Tournament Software websites, 
December 29th – Final Team confirmation by Badminton Ontario
December 30th, 2014 – January 6th, 2015 – Period available to deal with athlete appeal process
January 9th, 2015 – Final Team submission to Ontario Sport Alliance and Badminton Canada
-January 2011 Team training, location and dates TBD. 
- February 21 - March 1, 2015 Badminton events at CWG2015. 

3. Canada Games Team - . Appeal Process: 

To follow jurisprudence, Badminton Ontario will create an Appeal Panel for the Canada Winter Games team selection process.

Upon publication of the Canada Games team selection (December 24th latest), athletes may submit an appeal to Badminton Ontario for non-selection based on the following grounds: 

- The Selection Committee did not follow its published selection process in making its decisions;; or
- There was a reasonable conclusion of bias or conflict of interest by the Selection Committee. 

Any appeal must be in writing to Badminton Ontario (contact and address below), and received no later than Tuesday, December 30th, 2014
Upon receipt of an Appeal, Badminton Ontario will enact the Appeals Committee to review the appeal request and determine the outcome of the appeal itself. The appellant will be informed of the Appeal Panel make up and will be engaged in the Appeal Process from the outset until the final determination.
All Appeals decisions must be finalised by January 6th latest (in order to meet other agency deadlines for team submission).

vii. Other 

Clause for injuries or commitments that preclude players from participating in Development Camps or the Selection Tournament: 

a. The injured athlete must notify Badminton Ontario in writing of their inability to participate in 
at least one of the Development Camps or the Team Selection Tournament and of their desire for consideration for team selection seven (7) days before the start of the event, and to provide the following: 
- A Doctor’s note is required if an athlete is unable to participate in the Selection 
Tournament and may or may not be asked to attend without participation. 

b. An athlete with a prior commitment must notify Badminton Ontario in writing of their inability 
to participate in at least one of the Development Camps, and/or Team Selection Tournament and of their desire for consideration for team selection as soon as they are aware of the conflict, and to provide the following: 

- A written explanation from a coach or tournament official will be required if an athlete is unable to attend the Selection Tournament because of a prior commitment. The event and date must be included in the written explanation. The Selection Committee will give special consideration if the injured/away athlete has superior results in multiple tournaments, listed as events b to g in Section iv.4, than at least two (2) of the male/female athletes that would have been selected to the final team roster based on their results at the Team Selection Tournament. 

For information on the 2015 Canada Winter Games -

Canada Games Team Ontario Head Coach: Andrew Dabeka (
Canada Games Team Ontario Manager: Susan Yakura (
Badminton Ontario CWG (