IUCC Mandarin 2017 (sponsored by Victor Racquets)

2017/11/19 - 2017/11/19
Contact: Wayne King
Event Type: Tournament
Email: fabcoach@rogers.com
Address: Mandarin Badminton Club - 500 Esna Park Dr Unit 8
Registration Link: www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=9318B529-C2A1-4472-AAD1-4AB453BE1763
Registration Fee: 40
Additional Requirements:


(sponsored by VICTOR RACQUETS)

Sunday November 19, 2019 8:00 a.m. to end of play
Mandarin Badminton Club, 
500 Esna Park Drive #8, Markham ON L3R 1H5 
6 courts in play – excellent HP courts

Open to all university/college badminton athletes.
Open to other badminton players age 16 years and older as of date of tournament except for athletes who have represented their country as part of a selected national team.
All university/college athletes must register with club as their school.
Student athletes don’t need to be part of a varsity university/college team.
Partners are not required to attend the same university/college.
For any athlete without a partner, please enter partner request. 

Men’s Doubles
Women’s Doubles
Mixed Doubles or Men’s Singles

Entry Limits:
Men’s Doubles 24 teams Women’s Doubles 24 teams
Mixed Doubles 32 teams Men’s Singles 24 players
When a maximum is reached in any event, a wait list will be created.

Main round with B flight for all players who lose their first match.
Teams are guaranteed 2 matches in each event.
All matches are 2 of 3 games rally point to 21 points.
Coaching from the back of court is permitted when shuttle is not in play.
Coaching at 11-point interval and at end of each game as per BWF rules.

ENTRY DEADLINE Thursday November 17th, 2017

Entry Fee
$40 for first event-$60 for two events
Entry fee includes Victor feather shuttles and tournament T-shirt.
Fee to be paid at registration in cash only.

Cash prizes for A winners and A finalists
Victor prizes for B winners and B finalists

Event Schedule:
8:00 a.m. Registration for all men’s doubles
9:00 a.m. Men’s Doubles Play Starts
10:00 a.m. Registration for all women’s doubles
11:00 a.m. Women’s Doubles Play Starts
2:30 p.m. Registration for mixed doubles and men’s singles
Mixed Doubles and Men’s Singles to start at conclusion of doubles play

Apparel and Eyewear
All on court attire must be appropriate as determined by the tournament officials.
University and college student athletes are encouraged/expected to wear shirts that represent their institution.
Eyewear as approved by Badminton Ontario is required for doubles and mixed doubles for any athlete under 19 years of age as of the tournament date.

Any person who will be coaching during the tournament will register with the tournament referee and sign that they have read the tournament coaching guidelines.
Persons who are eligible to coach on court include the following: 
a. a teammate from the athlete’s university or college, 
b. any designated university or college varsity coach, 
c. an athlete’s personal club coach, or
d. a parent of that player. 
3. No other person may coach during any match.

Athlete Absence from Tournament
1. Failure by any athlete to compete in a match constitutes a late default and shall result in that athlete being defaulted from further play in all events for that day. This also applies to no-shows and unexcused late arrivals.
2. Any athlete who is a no show on the day of the tournament will not have their entry accepted for further IUCC events unless full payment is received for the no-show event.