TDBA OWG Team Try-outs (U19)

2017/11/05 - 2017/11/05
Phone: 416-569-1387
Event Type: Tournament
Address: Mandarin Badminton Club - 500 Esna Park Dr Unit 8
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Registration Fee:
Additional Requirements:



You do not need to be a member of an affiliated club to participate in the tournament, 
but if you are selected, you must join an affiliated club and you must purchase a Badminton Ontario Player 
Competition Card.

1) Any player who is a member in good standing with TDBA district or Badminton Ontario;
1a) Players must be members of an affiliated club in the TDBA district or Badminton Ontario;
1b) Players do not need a Badminton Ontario Competition Player Card to tryout;
1c) Players must have a current Badminton Ontario Competition Player Card to compete in the 2018 OWG (Games);
2) Players must be between 13 and 19 years of age during the Games (March 1-4/18);
3) Players will be selected according to TDBA selection process;
4) Players must be able to play in the Games ( March 1-4/18) AND attend a majority of practices prior to the games;
5) Players must be Canadian citizens or have Canadian Landed Immigrant status;
6) Player’s school address, parents’ address, OR affiliated club must be within the boundaries of TDBA;
7) Any U19 athletes selected by Badminton Canada to represent Canada in any “external” multi-national event (e.g., Junior World Championships, the Junior/Senior Pan-Am Games, etc.) whether or not they actually attend the event are ineligible to participate in the 2018 OWG;
and, in the case of any U15/U17 athlete selected as above (e.g., Jr. Pan Am Championships) each athlete is eligible to try-out and compete in the OWG if selected.
8) A player is not eligible to compete in the Games if they have played in a closed badminton championship in any other district, province or country in the previous season in which the Game’s are held.
The team selection is based on the results of the selection tournament and up to the discretion of the OWG TDBA Coach and Manager.

We will be using a Swiss-Style draw format. This is NOT an elimination draw. If you lose in the first, second or third round, you STILL play until a clear position from first to last is determined!
The final positioning will be determined by the combination of your wins, games won and points earned throughout the draw-as a combined total from BOTH singles and doubles results!

1. Non marking shoes must be worn.
2. Players must follow BOn protective eyewear policy.
3. You are responsible for any damage you cause to the premises or facility.
4. All shuttles will be provided.
5. The selection is based on singles and doubles only and you must play both to participate in the tryout. Although mixed doubles is part of the OSG’s competition we will not be using it for selection.
6. You are required to enter the doubles with a partner. If you do not have a partner you may enter partner request and we will attempt to find one for you, but IF NONE is found you WILL NOT BE ABLE to compete in the tryout.
7. The selection criteria will be based on results from the tryout and will be published and explained to all participants prior to the tryout
8. Scoring system will be rally point to 21 points (win by 2 points or first to 30). Best of 3 games in all events.

IMPORTANT-The 12 players that make the team MUST stay for 1 hour AFTER the conclusion of the tryout tournament-AND-each player must sign forms and PAY $140 to secure your place on the team!