ON Masters Championship

2017/02/24 - 2017/02/26
Event Type: Tournament
Address: The Boulevard Club, Toronto ON
Registration Link: badmintoncanada.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=6E9EF96E-A6F2-4344-A5FB-8EE4D3DFCD62
Registration Fee: 80
Additional Requirements:


5.2:All athletes are only permitted to participate in a maximum of five (5) events and may be entered into a Maximum two (2) doubles events, maximum two (2) mixed doubles events, and the fifth (5th) event must be a singles event.  Entry into the maximum of five events can be across any age group. Please be aware than entering in multiple age groups may result in back-to-back matches and/or wait times dependent on your opponents' match schedules.

9.1. White clothing recommended, not mandatory.

Please note that where the number of players in an event is small, semis and/or finals may be played on Friday and Saturday.

1. Event Details
1.1. The ON Provincial Masters Championships will be held on Feb 24-26, 2017.
1.2. The event will be held at The Boulevard Club located at: 1491 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto ON M6K 3C2
1.3. Event Office Coordinator: Jean Wong (jean.wong@badmintonontario.ca)
1.4. Tournament Director: Stephane Cadieux from The Boulevard Club
1.5. Referee: tba

2. Entry Deadline
2.1. Registration deadline will be Feb 10, 2017 at 11:59 pm. Late entries will be permitted at the discretion of the tournament coordinator and the Competitions Committee; and will be subject to a $15 late fee in addition to the registration fee.
2.2. Players withdrawing before the registration deadline will receive a full refund. Players withdrawing after the deadline will not receive a refund unless they provide a medical certificate signed by a physician. This refund will be the registration fee less an administrative fee of $10. All refunds will be performed after the event has finished. 
2.3. Players who do not have a valid 16.17 Competitive (B) membership at the time of the registration deadline will not be permitted to enter. Athletes applying for a 16.17 Competitive B Membership must belong to a club that is affiliated with Badminton Ontario through their respective district. 

3. Publishing the Pairings, Seeds, and Draws
3.1. Partner requests, changes, and pairings will be accepted up until the registration deadline of Feb 10, 2017; thereafter will only be considered if the draw is not yet published.
3.2. Partner request pairings and Seeds will be posted by the Saturday (six (6) days before the event) for reviewing. Any questions or concerns must be raised to the tournament coordinator and Competitions Committee before the draw is published. 
3.3. The tournament draw will be completed and published by the Monday to Wednesday (four or five (4 or 5) days before the tournament/championship) and posted online at www.badmintoncanada.tournamentsoftware.com. 

4. Entry Fee
4.1. Entry fees for the 16.17 season ON Provincial Masters Championships will be $80 for the first two events, additional $10 for each additional event thereafter; maximum of five events. Entry includes the social event on Saturday. Additional social tickets may be purchased for $40. 
4.2. Tournament entry fees are payable online through the Tournament Software link only and must be submitted at the time of entry to be valid. 
4.3. Entry fees are payable through Paypal through an account or as a guest.

1. Categories 
1.1. The ON Provincial Masters Championships will include the following categories:
1.1.1. Men’s Singles
1.1.2. Men’s Doubles
1.1.3. Women’s Singles
1.1.4. Women’s Doubles
1.1.5. Mixed Doubles
1.2. The ON Provincial Masters Championships will include the following age groups:
1.2.1. 35+
1.2.2. 40+
1.2.3. 45+
1.2.4. 50+
1.2.5. 55+
1.2.6. 60+
1.2.7. 65+
1.2.8. 70+
Note: Events may be combined based on number of entries. 

2. Governance 
2.1. All Badminton Ontario events are run under the discretion and direction of the Competitions Committee and are subject to review and change. The ON Provincial Masters Championships will be governed by the rules and regulations as outlined in this document. Badminton Ontario adheres to Badminton Canada and BWF rules; unless otherwise outlined in this document. Appeals will be reviewed by the Competitions Committee on a case by case manner. 

3. Competition Format
3.1. The ON Provincial Masters Championships will consist of the categories and age groups listed above.
3.2. Each event will be run on a Main Round and Consolation Round format. Depending on the number of entries and the size of the draw, events may be combined or players may be entered into a Round Robin format.
3.3. All draws are approved by a Provincial or National Referee.
3.4. Players are guaranteed 15 minutes rest if needed, between matches.
3.5. Players are required to be ready to play at least 30 minutes before their scheduled match. Players failing to report on court for their match within 10 minutes of the match being announced will be defaulted. 

4. Eyewear
4.1. Badminton Ontario strongly recommends that all players wear protective eyewear meeting the ASTM F803 standard whenever on court.

5. Athlete Participation
5.1. Athlete eligibility for the 16.17 season is as follows:
5.1.1. 35+; born Feb 23, 1982 or earlier
5.1.2. 40+; born Feb 23, 1977 or earlier
5.1.3. 45+; born Feb 23, 1972 or earlier
5.1.4. 50+; born Feb 23, 1967 or earlier
5.1.5. 55+; born Feb 23, 1962 or earlier
5.1.6. 60+; born Feb 23, 1957 or earlier
5.1.7. 65+; born Feb 23, 1952 or earlier
5.1.8. 70+; born Feb 23, 1947 or earlier
5.1.9. Age classification determined by the age as of the first day of competition (Feb 23, 2017). 

5.2. All athletes are only permitted to participate in a maximum of five (5) events; maximum two (2) doubles events, maximum two (2) mixed doubles events, and the fifth (5th) event must be a singles event.
5.3. Athletes must be a member of a badminton club affiliated with Badminton Ontario. All athletes must be a 16.17 season Competitive (B) Cardholder with Badminton Ontario. Memberships can be purchased online at www.badmintoncanada.tournamentsoftware.com for $40.
5.4. All players should be ready to play 30 minutes prior to their first scheduled match. No additional warm up time will be allotted for players arriving late. 

5.5. Approximate start times: 
5.5.1. Friday: 12:00 pm start
5.5.2. Saturday: 9:00 am start for doubles, mixed will follow
5.5.3. Sunday: 10:00 am start for all finals and remaining semi-finals

Approximate Schedule: Subject to change depending on entry size in an event. 
Consolation rounds for all events continue as soon as main rounds completed
Sunday semis and finals. Order of play confirmed Saturday evening

6. Partner Requests, Seeding, & Ranking 
6.1. Athletes registered with a partner request may update their partner status before the registration deadline given they have consent from their partner to be paired up for the event. 
6.2. Athletes whose partner withdraws due to injury/illness after the registration deadline will be entered into the partner request pool. Athletes remaining with a partner request status once the registration deadline has passed will be paired up on a first register first serve basis. Those who are not paired up will be put into a reserve list. 
6.3. Athletes who do not wish to participate with the assigned partner may choose to withdraw from the category entirely; they may not choose to switch for another partner. However, Badminton Ontario strongly recommends all athletes demonstrate fair sportsmanship by participating with the assigned pairings. 
6.4. The minimum number of seeds in a standard draw will be:
6.4.1. Two (2) seeds: up to eight (8) teams
6.4.2. Four (4)seeds: nine to twenty-three (9 to 23) teams
6.4.3. Eight (8) seeds: twenty-four or more (24+) teams
6.5. Badminton Ontario Championship events will use Club separation rules in the draw making process to reduce the number of same club matches occurring in the first round of a draw. District separation will no longer be used.
6.6. All seeding will be by the seeding committee.
6.7. The seeding committee will consist of three (3) members – the tournament Referee, the head tournament coordinator responsible for creation of all draws, and the High Performance Director (or BON representative if there is a conflict of interest).

7. Coaching Guidelines
7.1. The maximum number of coaches on court during any interval of any match shall be two (2) coaches.

8. Officials
8.1. A minimum of one (1) Referee and two (2) to four (4) Umpires will be appointed by the Badminton Ontario Tournament Committee to the 2017 ON Provincial Masters Championships.
8.2. These officials will perform on-court officiating duties as outlined in their staff responsibilities, and are not responsible for draw desk duties.

9. Uniforms & Shuttles
9.1. White clothing recommended, not mandatory. The referee reserves the right to ask competitors to change inappropriate clothing. Shorts that extend below the knee are deemed inappropriate clothing.
9.2. Two (2) feather shuttles will be provided per match and unlimited feather shuttles (at the referee’s discretion) will be provided for all main round finals. Additional shuttles are to be provided by the participants or can be purchased from the draw desk for $2 per shuttle. Badminton Ontario requests that the athletes only use the shuttles of the Series sponsor. 

10. Scoring
10.1. All matches will be two (2) out of three (3) games to 21 points with rally point scoring extended to 30 points.

11. Photography, video, and email consent
11.1. By registering for this event, you are agreeing to permit photographs and video to be taken of you for the purposes of promoting the sport of badminton and Badminton Ontario. You are also agreeing to receive emails from Badminton Ontario about future events and news items.