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Photo Courtesy of: Shijun Yang


Press Release

March 15, 2016  /  Badminton Ontario

Ontario athletes triumphant in last tournament of Jr. Elite Series leading to Nationals


Inside the Athletics building on the Humber College campus this past weekend, Badminton Ontario athletes rivalled competitors from British Columbia to Nova Scotia at the Badminton Canada 2016 Yonex Toronto Junior Elite. With a grand total of 143 participating players, the event was declared a success when it came to a close on Sunday evening.


The weekend’s Triple Crown winners included Colin Jia (U15), Sharon Au (U15), Talia Ng (U17), and Brian Yang (U19).


A complete summary of results follows below:


U15 GS: Sharon Au (KCBC, ON) defeated Jacqueline Cheung (Mandarin Badminton, ON)

U15 BS: Colin Jia (E Badminton, ON) defeated Darren Choi (Lee’s Badminton, ON)

U15 XD: Sharon Au & Colin Jia (KCBC & E Badminton, ON) defeated Rebecca Lee & Anthony Tso (KCBC, ON)

U15 GD: Sharon Au & Rebecca Lee (KCBC, ON) defeated Jeslyn Chow & Tiffany Too (KCBC, ON)

U15 BD: Colin Jia & Jackie Zhou (E Badminton & Lee’s Badminton, ON) defeated Thomas Dent & Tom Liu (KCBC, ON)


U17 GS: Talia Ng (E Badminton, ON) defeated Crystal Lai (KCBC, ON)

U17 BS: Anthony Nguyen (QC) defeated Jerry Xie (KCBC, ON)

U17 XD: Talia Ng & Victor Lu (E Badminton, ON) defeated Angela Chen & Stanley Feng (Lee’s Badminton, ON)

U17 GD: Catherine Choi & Talia Ng (E Badminton, ON) defeated Angela Chen & Belle Tuen (Lee’s Badminton, ON)

U17 BD: Andrew Choi & Alexis Nadeau (QC) defeated Alex Hu & Jerry Xie (KCBC, ON)


U19 GS: Katie Ho-Shue (E Badminton, ON) defeated Kylie Cheng (BC)

U19 BS: Brian Yang (E Badminton, ON) defeated Clement Chow (KCBC, ON)

U19 XD: Katie Ho-Shue & Brian Yang (E Badminton, ON) defeated Giselle Chan (E Badminton, ON) & Desmond Wang (AB)

U19 GD: Alexandra Mocanu (QC) & Erin O’Donoghue (AB) defeated Giselle Chan & Katie Ho-Shue (E Badminton, ON)

U19 BD: Desmond Wang (AB) & Brian Yang (E Badminton, ON) defeated Samuel Li & Clement Chow (KCBC, ON)


On the first day of the event, Badminton Ontario’s Sarah Miller spoke with Ottawa’s Minh Pham (of RA Badminton) to get a sense of what he was feeling heading into the final National tournament of the season, one that is on the cusp of this year’s Junior Nationals in Moncton, NB.


“This is a National tournament, so to have come all the way here to Toronto means I get to see other athletes compete from places like Alberta and even the East Coast.  Watching those different athletes play really motivates me to train harder.”


An International Baccalaureate student with a penchant for Chemistry, Minh is currently in his final year at Colonel By Secondary School. While balancing three hours of homework each night, he also trains 12-15 hours on the court every week, and has his sights set on Bio Med or Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa this fall.


One of this past weekend’s Triple Crown winners, Talia Ng (of E Badminton), reinforced Minh’s enthusiasm about the Badminton Canada 2016 Yonex Toronto Junior Elite on day one of the competition.


“This tournament is a National one, so that means it really helps with rankings. My goal is to get to World Juniors one day, so this allows me to see where I’m at when it comes to taking on different competition from all over the country. And I get to learn what I have to improve on. I learned something new today, actually. Usually for Mixed Doubles, I can’t play the front very fast – it’s difficult for me to control it, but I’m learning that if you warm up before a game and you’re just generally more confident, you feel a whole lot better on the court!”  


Instructed by the owner and Head Coach of E Badminton, Efendi Wijaya, Talia is clearly in good hands. In 2015, Canada won eight gold medals at Toronto’s Pan Am Games in badminton, seven of those medals went to E Badminton players. Wijaya is a man who willingly and patiently adjusts his coaching style to the way his athletes learn. With a long-term goal of not just seeing them compete in international tournaments, but to actually se them hit the podium there, he is a coach with monumental goals for each of his players.


Wijaya graciously acknowledges the support he and his athletes receive from Badminton Ontario, recognizing that additional assistance and corroboration will only motivate athletes further. He is courtesy and decorum embodied, further adding to the refinement of the sport of badminton, and this final first-class tournament ahead of Nationals in New Brunswick.


Complete tournament results are available for your convenience here.


Badminton Ontario (BON) is a not for profit amateur sport organization responsible for badminton within the province of Ontario. Badminton Ontario's vision is to connect with all athletes participating in badminton in Ontario, inspire athletes to cherish badminton and establish it as their sport for life.




For more information contact: Sarah Miller, Badminton Ontario, cell (905) 749-0361 or e-mail

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