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Press Release

February 8, 2016  /  Badminton Ontario

Making Feathers Fly at the 15.16 Black Knight Jr A HP #6 KCBC All Ages Event


K.C. Badminton Club hosted the 15.16 Black Knight Jr. A HP Series #6 KCBC tournament in Markham this weekend. One of a multitude of tournaments within the Badminton Ontario Jr. A circuit, this past weekend’s event saw 173 athletes taking part in a series of all-ages matches on both Saturday, February 6th and Sunday the 7th.


Notable results include this weekend’s Triple Crown winners: Victor Lai (U13) and Sharon Au (U15).

Summary of Results:

U11 BS: Daniel Li (KCBC) defeated Michael Wang (KCBC)

U11 GS: Jasmine Shi(KCBC) defeated Kylie Yang (Lee’s)

U11 XD: Kylie Yang (Lee’s) and Michael Wang (KCBC) defeated Jasmine Shi and Daniel Li (KCBC)

U11 BD: Michael Wang and Tommy Yang (KCBC) defeated Daniel Li and James So (KCBC)

U11 GD: Jasmine Shi (KCBC) and Kylie Yang (Lee’s) won the Round Robin


U13 BS: Victor Lai (Mandarin) defeated Minh Cheng (KCBC)

U13 GS: Sophia Nong (Mandain) defeated Jessica Cheng (Mandarin)

U13 XD: Jessica Cheng and Victor Lai (Mandarin) defeated Sophia Nong (Mandarin) and Minh Cheng (KCBC)

U13 BD: Victor Lai (Mandarin) and Owen Xie (KCBC) defeated Joshua Nguyen (E Badminton) and Jasper Tang (Suria)

U13 GD: Jessica Cheng and Sophia Nong (Mandarin) won the Round Robin


U15 BS: Darren Choi (Lee’s) defeated Colin Jia (E Badminton)

U15 GS: Sharon Au (KCBC) defeated Jacqueline Cheung (Mandarin)

U15 XD: Sharon Au (KCBC) and Colin Jia (E Badminton) defeated Tom Liu and Rebecca Lee (KCBC)

U15 BD: Colin Jia (E Badminton) and Jackie Zhou (Lee’s) defeated Thomas Dent and Tom Liu (KCBC)

U15 GD: Sharon Au and Rebecca Lee (KCBC) won the Round Robin


U17 BS: Aaron Hsu (Lee’s) defeated Kevin Wang (Lee’s)

U17 GS: Talia Ng (E Badminton) defeated Crystal Lai (KCBC)

U17 XD: Talia Ng and Victor Lu (E Badminton) defeated Catherine Choi (E Badminton) and Kevin Wang (Lee’s)

U17 BD: Arthur Cheung and Stanley Feng (Lee’s) defeated Aaron Hsu and Sam Ma (Lee’s)

U17 GD: Angela Chen and Belle Tuen (Lee’s) won the Round Robin


U19 BS: Brian Yang (E Badminton) defeated Yuge Zeng (KCBC)

U19 GS: Katie Ho-Shue (E Badminton) defeated Giselle Chan (E Badminton)

U19 XD: Crystal Lai and Sankeerth Rajanna (KCBC) defeated Natalie Lam and Yuge Zeng (KCBC)

U19 BD: Sankeerth Rajanna and Yuge Zeng (KCBC) defeated Kingsley Wu (Lee’s) and Brian Yang (E Badminton)

U19 GD: Crystal Lai (KCBC) and Chloe Rowe (Mandarin) defeated Giselle Chan and Katie Ho-Shue (E Badminton)


On the heels of her Girl’s Singles victory, a win that solidified her Triple Crown title this weekend, Sharon Au (KCBC) spoke with Badminton Ontario about her third favourable result.

“I feel proud, but also thankful because my coaches have helped me so much. It feels really good to win at home.” 

Elated, Sharon spoke about her father’s support through her journey in sport, and how her mother was able to watch her games over the course of the weekend all the way from Hong Kong via a FaceTime connection. A relative newcomer to the competitive side of the sport, Sharon now trains 13-15 hours each week on the court while balancing school and other extracurricular activities, like swimming. She has her sights set on the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

Coached this weekend by KCBC owner and Head Coach, Kevin Cao, Sharon was most definitely in good hands with this former Chinese National Player, who won the World Junior Championships in ‘00 and ‘02.  After having opened KCBC in 2012, Cao has overseen a vast expansion of the club. Initially, the building offered up only five courts, but due to demand it has had to evolve quite quickly and now offers a full 15.  


Kevin sat down with Badminton Ontario and spoke candidly about what it meant to him to be able to host an event like the 15.16 Black Knight Jr. A HP Series #6 KCBC tournament.


“I want to help the sport and to see it grow in Toronto and in Canada.”


Given his own passionate drive to see one of the most practiced sports in the world evolve here in Canada, it might be time for the rest of our nation to keep its eye on the bird.


Badminton Ontario thanks Black Knight for its continued sponsorship of the Black Knight Junior A and Junior B circuits.


Badminton Ontario (BON) is a not for profit amateur sport organization responsible for badminton within the province of Ontario. Badminton Ontario's vision is to connect with all athletes participating in badminton in Ontario, inspire athletes to cherish badminton and establish it as their sport for life.





For more information contact: Sarah Miller, Badminton Ontario, cell (905) 749-0361 or e-mail

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