Knight Trainer Pro - "Made in Canada" Badminton Innovation

Author: Jean Wong/Monday, October 22, 2018/Categories: Latest News

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KNIGHT TRAINER PRO : Another great badminton innovation – developed and built in Canada

The Knight Trainer Pro is an unmatched opportunity for athletes to improve all badminton skills beyond what was previously possible. From beginners to the best, learn more about the Knight Trainer Pro and see how it can change badminton for you.


  •  YOU CHOOSE where the shuttles will go – all  the directions, tilts, speeds and intervals – and then put from 1 to 250 of  your chosen shots into your drill.
  •  IMAGINE returning thousands of smashes, fed up to 1 PER SECOND, going to all the points on the court that you specify! No humans can give training like this.
  •  EASILY open an existing drill on the tablet computer we provide, or quickly create new customized shots and drills specific to each player.
  •  LET COACHES COACH and let the Knight Trainer Pro be the tireless feeder of all the shot combinations you need.
  •  IDEAL for national training centres, universities, colleges, high schools, primary schools, senior centres, clubs of all kinds, rehab facilities – everywhere badminton can be played.
  •  SHARPEN PLAYER SKILLS, movements, fitness and reflexes
  •  For players of  ALL LEVELS from beginners to the most advanced
  •  Coaches can objectively MEASURE IMPROVEMENT and measure players’ success percentages for various shots
  •  EASY TO USE Set up takes only a few minutes and the shuttles can start flying.


For more information, please visit :

Email :
Montreal Office : (1) 800 361 6035
Vancoucer Office : (1) 800 663 8636

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