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Press Release                                                                                                                              May 19, 2017 

For Immediate Release

On May 20th, the finals of the Junior and U23 Canadian National Championships will take place at the University of Moncton. Players from all over Canada have competed to reach the podium and Badminton Ontario is proud to announce that 24 Ontario athletes will be playing for Gold medals. 

Ian Moss, President of Badminton Ontario, spoke about the strong showing that all the Ontario athletes have had over the week and on the finalist preparing to play in the finals. “These results are a testament to the high quality of club programming and coach support in Ontario, so I congratulate both the athletes, their coaches and club administrators on their achievements.  Of course, Badminton Ontario also salutes the role of the parents in this journey – thanks to their commitment to the development of young Ontarians through sport, we can all celebrate their achievements together.  Thank you also to the host organizing committee in Moncton – they have consistently presented a high level competition environment that has set the standard for others to emulate in the future”.

The following are the Ontario athletes who will be competing for a gold medal finish and who have also earned a place on the podium at the Junior and U23 National Championships:


Victor Lai – BS U15 Finalist

Minh Cheng – BS U 15 Finalist

Ivan Li – BS Bronze U15 Medalist 

Rachel Chan – GS U15 Finalist

Jeslyn Chow – GS U15 Finalist

Sophia Nong – GS U15 Bronze Medalist 

Ivan Li & Rachel Chan – XD U15 Finalist

Minh Cheng – XD U15 Finalist

Victor Lai & Jessica V. Cheng – XD U15 Bronze Medalist 

Joshua Nguygen & Jackie Dent – XD U15 Bronze Medalist 

Ivan Li & Minh Cheng – BD U15 Finalists

Victor Lai & Wing Liao – BD U15 Finalists

Jeslyn Chow – GD U15 Finalist

Jessica V. Cheng & Sophia Nong – GD U15 Finalists

Jackie Dent & Chloe Hoang – GD U15 Bronze Medalist 


Kevin Wang – BS U17 Finalist

Stanley Feng – BS U15 Bronze Medalist 

Kyle To – BS U15 Bronze Medalist 

Sharon C.Y. Au – GS U17 Finalist

Crystal Lai – GS U15 Bronze Medalist 

Jacqueline Cheung – GS U15 Bronze Medalist 

Stanley Feng & Talia Ng – XD U17 Finalists

Colin Jia & Catherine Choi – XD U17 Bronze Medalist 

Kyle To & Kevin Wang – BD U17 Finalists

Darren Choi & Colin Jia – BD U17 Bronze Medalist 

Allan Lin & Jared Pak So – BD U17 Bronze Medalist 

Cyrstal Lai – GD U17 Finalist

Sharon C.Y. Au & Rebecca Lee – GD U17 Finalists

Jacqueline Cheung & Tiffany Too – GD U17 Bronze Medalist 


Talia Ng – U19 GS Finalist

Katie Ho-Shue – U19 GS Bronze Medalist 

Catherine Choi – 19 GS Bronze Medalist 

Brian Yang & Katie Ho-Shue – U19 XD Finalists

Kyle To & Crystal Lai – U19 XD Finalists

Brian Yang – U19 BD Finalist

Mark Dasios & Victor Wenlong Lu – U19 BD Bronze Medalist 

Arthur Cheung & Stanley Feng – U19 BD Bronze Medalist 

Katie Ho-Shue – U19 GD Finalist

Catherine Choi & Talia Ng – U19 GD Finalists

Cara De Belle & Sarah Gale – U19 GD Bronze Medalist 

Natalie Lam – U19 GD Bronze Medalist 


Brian Yang – U23 MS Finalist

Br Sankeerth – U23 MS Finalist

Jonathan Lai – U23 MS Bronze Medalist 

Giselle Chan – U23 WS Bronze Medalist 

Chloe Rowe – U23 WS Bronze Medalist 

Adwin Lau – U23 MD Finalist

Jonathan Lai – U23 MD Finalist

Br Sankeerth – U23 MD Bronze Medalist 

Jonathan Lai & Giselle Chan – U23 XD Finalists

Br Sankeerth & Chloe Rowe – U23 XD Finalists

Results from the championship finals will be available here

Live Streaming from the championship finals will be available here

Badminton Ontario (BON) is a not for profit amateur sport organization responsible for badminton within the province of Ontario. Badminton Ontario's vision is to connect with all athletes participating in badminton in Ontario, inspire athletes to cherish badminton and establish it as their sport for life.


For more information, please contact: Luis Paredes, Badminton Ontario, at membership@badmintonontario.ca

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